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youtube real estate listingsWe've found a way to make our real estate listings more visible than ever. Google consistently favors YouTube in search engine results and will even increase visibility by embedding the video thumbnails, which makes sense considering both Google and YouTube are owned by Google Inc. By uploading our listing videos to YouTube, we can take advantage of this favoritism, and link potential buyers straight to us.

The video thumbnail doesn't appear every time—it's completely at Google's discretion—but when it does, it instantly dominates the search engine results. Users are instantly attracted to our video.

We've also linked our YouTube account with our Google+ profile. This ensures that our Google+ profile is regularly updated with fresh new content,

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When I had the opportunity to be the first person ever to get Real Estate Webmasters' custom iOS app for real estate listings, I had to seize it. Utilizing technology has always played a large role with my team, and I'm a strong believer in leveraging success with the best tools possible.

Our mobile app project officially began in September 4 and took a little over two months to complete. When the iOS app finally launched on November 21, 2013, it was an instant success.

323 people downloaded the app in the first week, and it has continued to receive double-digit downloads every day since. As of April 23, 2014, our mobile real estate app has been downloaded over 4,000 times and has received 1,937 lead registrations. 

The initial build for our

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This time of year, the snow starts to thaw and the real estate market in Alaska gets into high gear. Many times buyers find themselves competing with others who want to buy the same home. If this is your first time to be in a multiple offer situation, it can be a little unnerving. So let's take a little bit of creativity and see if we can make your offer more appealing.

These days, buyers are choosing their new homes from a much smaller inventory.  And demand is strong. The net effect for homes that are in great condition and in desirable areas is that sellers will be often considering several offers at once. If you are a potential buyer trying to get your offer considered ahead of others, here are some tips:

• It is NOT ONLY about the price.  This

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Condominiums and townhomes can be a very alluring purchase for some with the apparent ease of living with little-to-no maintenance responsibilities. In many condo associations this can be the case, but in others, quite the opposite can be true. When shopping for a condo or other multiple-family development it will be very important to do your research and find out just what the rules and responsibilities are at that particular condo. Hiring a real estate professional should be your first step; keep in mind that a buyer will normally not pay any commission to a real estate licensee, so this will be absolutely to your advantage. A real estate pro will be able to pull up condo association rules and covenants outlining how owners shall care for their

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So you have made the big decision to buy a home, but are you sure what exactly you want to buy? There are advantages and disadvantages to owning a condominium/townhome versus a single family home, it all depends on your situation and needs in a home.

The Run-Down: Condos

Condominiums and townhomes are attached units with shared walls and common areas. Some developments may have duplex-style condos where you will have just one shared wall between you and one neighbor, where others can have as many as 4, 8, even 12+ units where you will share 2 or more walls with 2 or more neighbors, depending on the layout.  An advantage to shared buildings such as these are you may have lower heating and cooling costs compared to single-family residences, and common

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Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group congratulates the Alaska Real Estate Experts Team... Brianna Tollefsen, Ryan Tollefsen, Tara VanOrsdal, Brent Dewan, Debbie Mumma, Kristen Couture, Jason Trout, Jeff Davis, Karen Allam, Karen McMaster-Skogstad, and Felicity Williams.... closing out January at number one in the state, with $3,688,802 million in closed volume! Way to Do Work!
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5 Tips to Buy Real Estate Right


Buying a home can be a delicate process, but if done right it will be highly rewarding in the end. Purchasing a home will likely be the largest investment one will make in their lifetime, so here are some tips to make sure you get the best deal possible:

1.       Tidy up your Credit Score

Finding out your credit score before applying for a home loan will give you the chance to improve wherever needed, getting you a better interest rate and making sure you are even eligible for financing. There are numerous free sites online that you can get a report from, or pick out a good home loan company and lender and they will be able to pull your report for you, usually for free. A good lender will be able to walk through

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Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year.  

In 2011 the Alaska Real Estate Experts team finished number 8 in the State of Alaska for overall sales volume. In 2012 our team goal is to move up to the number one spot.  We would love to assist any of you with buying or selling real estate and if you have any questions we can help with please do not hesitate to ask.

Happy New Years!!

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Alright, so you have made the decision to sell your home. No matter your reasoning, there are some important steps to take to not only list your home for sale, but make sure it sells!

Aggressive Pricing: First and foremost, your home’s price will make or break a happy home sale. Make sure you are working with an experienced Realtor who knows the market and is able to not only research and present a competitive, comparative market analysis, but is also able to explain to you how your home’s price compares to other homes on the market and is in that perfect range where it will meet your needs as the seller, and is still aggressive enough to stand out among the rest as the hottest deal around.

Pack up, De-Clutter and CLEAN: It’s a fact, clean homes sell!

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