About Me

My goal is to help both buyers and sellers reach their goals. Every client has a different need and I specialize in helping buyers and sellers determine what will work best for them based on their personal, professional and financial needs and then follow through with an unwavering commitment until those goals are realized. Whether you need to buy or sell quickly, or prefer to take your time, I will be happy to work with you. Even if you have bought and sold many times before, I always take the time to go over the home buying process to ensure there are no surprises. Potential clients are always welcome to contact me for general information on the home buying process and can rest assured I will never pressure you to buy or sell before you are ready.

I take great personal pride in going the extra mile for my clients with communication being a top priority. Buying or selling a home can be very stressful and I find the more information my clients have, the less stress they feel throughout the process.

Prior to joining Keller Williams Realty Group Alaska and the Unity Home Group I worked for the University of Alaska, Facilities and Land Management office where I coordinated and managed the annual competitive land sale as well as the ongoing over-the-counter land sales. I prepared closing documents, drafted deeds and closed sales. On behalf of the University, I bought and sold commercial and residential properties as well as University owned properties, both investment and educational. I worked with private donors to accept homes and land donated to the University and returned them to the market where sales would generate income for the University. I specialize in property research.

I am a veteran of the United States Navy and the wife of a United States Marine (retired). I am all too familiar with the stress that relocations can bring, whether it is across town or across continents, therefore, I am committed to going above and beyond to assist both buyers and sellers in making a smooth transition.

I have been a resident of Alaska for over 20 years, having lived and worked in Adak, North Pole, Fairbanks and Palmer and Anchorage. I am an outstanding negotiator and my knowledge of the housing market combined with my excellent communication skills, old fashioned work ethic and attention to detail, allows me to provide superior customer service to each and every client.

I would appreciate the opportunity help you reach your real estate goals.