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How to Sell a Home with Previous Damage When buyers make an offer and have a home inspected, it will probably be made clear to them that a home has had a history of damage from water, fire and other sources. If you have had to deal with such problems in your home, here are some tips to ensure the appropriate tasks have been done before selling.

Complete Recommended Repairs

People who involve a homeowner’s insurance company when damage occurs usually have a very detailed estimate of the damage and recommended repairs. The best thing you can do for a future sale is to ensure that every item was completed according to specifications. In some cases, this means shelling out more money than the insurance company paid to repair or replace some items within the home. However, being diligent

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All About Mortgage Rates for Second Homes Owning a home can be a great feeling, but for people who travel frequently to a certain location or who often take vacations in a favorite spot, some individuals may consider owning a second home, as well. If paying cash for that second home is not an option, then it's time to get a mortgage to make the dreams of owning a second home come true. But before a buyer heads out to the bank or starts applying for a loan online, there are important things to understand about taking out a mortgage on a home that isn't a primary residence. One of the most important considerations is the mortgage rate.

How Much is the Second Home Mortgage Rate?

Rates for mortgages on second homes vary. When rates are low overall these rates may be close to the rates for

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Guide to home warranty plans for new home buyers Purchasing a home can be a drain on any buyer's bank account, even when they have carefully prepared for the process by having adequate savings to cover the down payment and other expenses related to the move. So it makes sense to look for options to help limit further expenses that may occur after the purchase has closed and the buyers have moved into the home. Home warranty plans are one of the options often considered by buyers in this situation. But home warranty plans are not always the best choice for every situation. If you are planning to buy a home soon and considering whether or not to opt for a home warranty plan, here are some options to consider while weighing the decision. 

What is a home warranty plan? 

Defined as a service

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Rural Home Financing Imagine wanting to buy a home, but having little in savings and no real way to come up with a down payment. Many buyers might think they have to come to terms with the idea that home ownership may never happen. What if there was a loan program that didn’t ask for any cash down and made buying a home far easier than you ever thought?

The United States Department of Agriculture has created a home financing program that provides potential buyers with the ability to purchase a home as long as they meet some specific criteria. The goal of the program is to promote individuals living in rural areas, so if the home a buyer is looking at is considered to be in an eligible area, they can begin the application process and move forward with buying their ideal

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