6 Ways to Add Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

Home Selling First Impression Next to location, curb appeal is generally one of the most significant issues when selling a home. Buyers want a place that looks nice, well-kept, and "like home" to them.

Because that feeling or look of home may be different to every buyer, the best option for a seller is to make sure the house looks pleasant and neutral. With that in mind, here are six ways a seller can improve curb appeal.

The Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling a Home

Curb appeal is simply the look and value of your home's exterior. If the home has an excellent curb appeal, it means it inspires confidence and looks alluring. Great curb appeal helps your home sell faster and at a higher figure because it has a positive effect on the buyers. But, many homeowners neglect their homes' curb appeal when marketing them. This must not be the case. Lack of effort in ensuring your home's exterior is alluring to the buyers can make you lose the sale and reduce the value of the home. Here are four reasons why curb appeal is such a crucial factor in the homeselling process.

Buyers immediately start evaluating the landscaping and exterior and they form a first impression. This primary reaction is very crucial. It immediately sets the mood of the viewing and also affects how the buyer perceives the rest of the home. If the first impression is negative, they won't find the rest of the property appealing.

Bad or bland curb appeal makes your home forgettable. If it looks attractive with a freshly painted exterior, colorful landscaping, and a beautiful green lawn, it will stand out from the other listings that are not as keen on their appearance.

Neutral Paint on the Home's Exterior

Re-painting the outside of a home can be costly, but can go a very long way toward curb appeal. If repainting the exterior is not realistic, focusing on the front door, trim, and porch area may also add value. Any peeling, old, or faded paint can detract from the curb appeal of the house, as can unusually bright or unique colors.

A Friendly, Inviting Front Porch or Entrance

Whether the home has a large front porch or just a small step or stoop area, making it as inviting as possible matters. That can mean everything from paint to a seating area, lack of clutter, and even foliage. For very small spaces, being open and free of clutter or items can be the right choice. Larger porch spaces lend themselves more easily to a bench or table, along with plants and decoration.

Cut and Healthy Grass

Untidy or unkempt lawns can indicate a neglected home, and that can scare away buyers. Keeping the grass looking great means better curb appeal, and buyers who feel the house is taken good care of by the current owners. Filling in dead spots in the grass, killing or pulling weeds, and cutting the grass on a regular schedule before it gets too long can all raise the curb appeal for nearly every buyer.

Colorful, Well-Maintained Flower Beds

For a pop of color against a neutral home, a flower bed can be a good choice. Make sure it is small enough that it does not overtake the lawn, and that it is well-maintained. There should not be any weeds or other problems with it, and the flowers should be bright and healthy. A well-placed flower bed can add to the cheerfulness and homey feeling of any house that is on the market.

No Toys or Other Items in the Yard

For sellers who have children, letting them play in the yard may be a common occurrence. But as soon as playtime is over, the toys and other items should be put away. Even if there is no showing planned that day, potential buyers could drive by at any time. The neater the house looks from the road at all times, the higher the chances that a buyer will have a great first impression and like what they see.

No Pet Waste or Dug-up Areas

Sellers with dogs will want to make sure pet waste is always picked up promptly and may want to board them during weeks when showings will be regularly occurring while they are out of the house. Even if the potential buyer also has pets, they probably do not want to see waste in the yard. By keeping everything picked up and clean, a showing can also take place at almost any time. With a clean, beautiful yard and less need for advanced notice, it is possible to accommodate buyers quickly and easily. Also make sure to scan the yard regularly for any holes that are dug up and promptly fill them before too much time passes.

When getting your home or condo unit ready for buyers, take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what you would like to see when you pull up to a potential new home, and you will be on your way to creating a great first impression!

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