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Every homeowner gets to a point when their bathrooms feel drab. Rarely are these rooms as bland as you think they are; it’s just that you spend time in them every day. Worse, when they are up-to-date and have everything you need, it’s difficult to justify spending a fortune on transforming your bathrooms.

You don’t need to outlay a lot of cash to spruce your bathrooms. You can do it relatively cheaply – and quickly. In fact, most rooms don’t need a lot of work to feel brand new again.

Start with a good clean (and don’t forget the light bulbs) and then consider any of these options for a super fast fix.

Organize the cabinets – The more you can pull off the counters, the cleaner and newer that everything will feel. Clear out all the drawers

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 dilapidated house

Sometimes selling a home as-is is unavoidable. We’ve had clients trying to beat the bank in foreclosure who just needed to sell quickly and were committed to deeply discounting the price because they would still make more than they would if the bank took the home. We’ve worked with folks selling a deceased parent’s home who likewise didn’t have the time or money to fix the home enough so that it would bring in current market value. So, we understand that there are many circumstances that might warrant an as-is sale.

Much will depend on what type of loan the eventual buyer is using, unless you exclude those buyers when marketing the home. Let’s take a look at some of the basic repairs you’ll need to make and also those specific to certain loan

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There’s no place like home – especially when it has all the space and details of Briarcliff Townhomes in Anchorage. This condominium community boasts friendly neighbors and homes with plenty of light and space.

Though there are streets in Anchorage called Briarcliff, the townhouses in this association are found on Briar Loop Drive as well as Bridgestone and Blackburn courts. You can find the entrance to this neighborhood off of Merlin Loop, which can be found off Old Seward Highway.

Each of the more than 50 units in this community has roughly 1350 square feet spread over two floors, not including the space taken by attached double garages. Homes have two different floor plans, though both feature three bedrooms.

 The “Retreat” floor plan

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Winter came and went a long time ago, and you’ve opened all the windows to air out your home for a spot of spring cleaning Chances are you’ve taken for granted your windows ― these essential home structures, especially in Alaska. While you probably won’t need to worry about them for awhile, it never hurts to give each one a quick once over to make sure you don’t suffer this winter.

You Can’t Open or Close Your Windows – It’s awful when you need to fight with anything in your home. When it’s your windows, with all that glass and the security problems a broken window can present, it’s even worse. Sure, a firmly closed window isn’t going to let drafts through, but it’s also not going to improve the quality of your life or the value of your home.

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Anchorage as seen from the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

If you’re looking for a luxury lifestyle on the west side of Anchorage, you don’t need to look any further than Atwood Estates. Though the neighborhood itself is quite small, comprising of properties along two short streets in the community of Turnagain, the homes here are anything but.

Atwood Estates can be found along Bob Atwood Way and Evangeline Lane, along with the corner at Bob Atwood Circle. The area is best known for the Atwood Mansion, home of Robert Atwood, a local publisher and editor. The mansion itself has a classic appearance while homes in the Atwood Estates are significantly more modern, though just as luxurious (if not more so). Vacant plots of land are still available for anyone wanted to build their dream home in this incredible

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wallet in a man's pocket

Millions of would-be homeowners struggle under the misconception that they can’t buy a house in Alaska without having a huge down payment to give the lender. They spend countless hours roaming the Alaska  MLS, dreaming about buying a home in Alaska. In reality, there are several ways to realize the dream of homeownership with little cash out of your pocket.

No down payment loans

If you are a current or former member of the United States military or the spouse of a deceased member, you may qualify for what is one of the best loan programs in the country, offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA doesn’t grant the loan, a conventional lender will do that. Instead, the VA offers a guaranty making the lender far more likely

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 When you live in Alaska, you can bet you’ll have a stream of house guests from the Lower 48. Our state is just so intriguing to everyone. And, you understand why, don’t you? Whether you have guests in and out of your home almost constantly – or you’re expecting your first overnight visitors, these few tips will make your Alaskan guest room as comfortable as it can be.

 Spend Time in Your Guest’s Rooms – You don’t need to go as far as packing an overnight bag and camping in the guest room for a weekend, but doing so will probably transform the space entirely. But, spend enough time to determine whether you need new lights, warmer blankets, or if that mattress is really as bad as you imagine.

 Toiletries and Towels – There’s a reason hotels

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What started as a planned agricultural community in 1935, has turned into one of Anchorage’s most intriguing suburbs. Farming persists today throughout the Mat-SuValley, but Palmer may just be the most picturesque city in the bunch.

Palmer covers slightly less than 3.75 square miles and is home to approximately 6400 residents. Downtown, the city radiates the charm of the 1930s when the city sprang into being. And yet, the surrounding community looks a scene from an Alpine postcard.

While there are a few older properties, much of Palmer has sprung up over the past few decades with many homes completed in the last ten. Land is also still available for those looking to build their dream homes.

The median price for existing homes falls near the

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As in most businesses, not all in real estate are successful. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 90 percent of Realtors have only one to four sales a year. It’s the top 10 percent who are gaining experience, learning the nuances of how to list and sell property successfully.

If you’re looking for an agent to help you sell your Alaska home, look for the following four qualities.

1. Experience counts

Jerry Rice would walk onto the football field and make the game look easy. But he didn’t become the greatest wide receiver of all time by working at it part-time. In the off-season, Rice lifted weights every day ― twice a day. He could also be found jogging in the hills around the Bay Area, or running “wind sprints until

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Whether you live around the corner, the other side of the state, or somewhere in the Lower 48 there is a restaurant and pub you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Anchorage. The Glacier Brewhouse is so much more than you might expect from the austere exterior downtown.

For a start, the Glacier is a brewery, but not just any local brewery. With a classic array of brews, complemented by a couple of gluten-free beers, you’ll want to make sure you arrive with a healthy thirst. But, don’t arrive for after-work drinks unless you have a hungry belly too. The food here is temptingly plated and wondrously delicious at that.

Though everything on the menu has an Alaskan twist, the menu draws from various corners of the globe. You may want to start with the

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