A Basic Guide to Home Selling

  • Unity Home Group
  • September 14th, 2017

What to Know About Selling Your HomeHomeowners do not want to price themselves out of a market or overlook repairs that can reduce home value. There is plenty to do before and during the home selling process. What should first-time homeowners know about home selling?

Know who to talk to about important considerations of getting a home ready to go to market. Get top dollar for a home and highlight the positive features of a home with these useful tips.

Repair and Update

Take a walk through the home and jot down areas that need attention. This may include leaking pipes, cracked windows and outdated appliances. Evaluate which of the repairs will serve to attract buyers and add to a home's value. It is worthwhile to do this with the assistance of a real estate agent, as they can also recommend updates to help a homeowner get more for their home. A local agent would also be aware of the comparable properties available in the area.

Freshen Up the Exterior

Invite prospective buyers in and consider the curb appeal of a home. Dirty windows, cracked sidewalks and discolored lawns can indicate poor maintenance of a property. Power wash the home, address cracks and take care of lawn and landscaping prior to putting the home on the market. A fresh coat of paint and some seasonal plantings may add significant appeal when it comes time to sell a home. Use outdoor living spaces to encourage lounging and make the most of any deck areas. Prepare an inviting outdoor space for the season. Comfortable outdoor seating around an outdoor fire pit during cooler months may provide additional appeal for homebuyers who enjoy entertaining outdoors. When a home goes on the market, regularly mow lawns, rake leaves and maintain landscaping features to attract interested buyers.

Know How to Price the Home

Homeowners are rarely knowledgeable about the current market and the home value to be expected from their home. Depending on the market, a specific home can increase or decrease in home value. Pricing a home appropriate to the current market is a fundamental step to quickly selling a home. Check with a real estate agent and get a comparative market analysis (CMA) for listing and sale prices for recently sold homes in an area of comparable value. Recent sales and the current market will be significant factors in the pricing of a home.

Listing a Home

The housing market may vary from place to place. Generally speaking, spring and summer are prime times to list a home. Whether or not a homeowner is trying to sell quickly or sell for top dollar are also considerations in timing the listing of a home.

Photograph a Home

Before buyers come to view a home, attractive photographs can highlight desirable features of a home and get them to schedule a viewing. Images of homes are placed online and photos can make or break a first impression. Sellers are urged to hire a professional photographer or use a high-quality camera to capture images of their property. Professional photos can make for faster sales and add an average of $3,400 to the sale price of a home.

Know the Demand

Low demand can have a major impact on home selling. Desirable home in areas of strong demand like homes in Soldotna often sell for their asking price. However, it is important to speak with a real estate agent to determine the most suitable asking price and make changes most likely to add to a home's value.

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