A YouTube Real Estate Strategy

youtube real estate listingsWe've found a way to make our real estate listings more visible than ever. Google consistently favors YouTube in search engine results and will even increase visibility by embedding the video thumbnails, which makes sense considering both Google and YouTube are owned by Google Inc. By uploading our listing videos to YouTube, we can take advantage of this favoritism, and link potential buyers straight to us.

The video thumbnail doesn't appear every time—it's completely at Google's discretion—but when it does, it instantly dominates the search engine results. Users are instantly attracted to our video.

We've also linked our YouTube account with our Google+ profile. This ensures that our Google+ profile is regularly updated with fresh new content, which strengthens the value of that profile. In turn, we get better visibility in Google map results, and that backlink from our profile to the site becomes more valuable as well. Win, win, win!

Our Simple YouTube Marketing Strategy

Here's the strategy we're using for our search engine video marketing:

Step 1: Publish the video to YouTube.

The company we've hired to put together listing videos has an integration option with YouTube. All we have to do is click a button to "Request The Video", and they add it to our YouTube account within the day. I highly recommend finding a videographer who either has this service, or is willing to add the videos manually on your behalf.

Step 2: Link back to the site.

By linking back to the site, we're giving users an easy way to find our site. Once they are done watching the video, we make it easy to learn more about the property and contact us for more details. In this process, we're also creating another natural link to our site, perfect for building up our search engine authority.

Step 3: Repeat!

The ongoing maintenance for this system only takes an hour or two a week, and it can be done by virtually anyone.

Let's recap: just by making YouTube part of our online strategy, we've developed a steady stream of backlinks from YouTube, we've enhanced our Google+ presence, and we've made our own listings extraordinarily enticing. Best of all, this strategy is easy and inexpensive. Awesome!

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