Where Are the Best Bookstores in Alaska?

The Top Five Bookstores in AlaskaAlthough many people head online to buy new books, there is nothing quite like walking into a bookstore filled with amazing options. The sight of new and used books on the shelves plus the chill ambiance in the store makes picking out books an amazing experience. Even with the move to buy online, everyone can still find awesome bookstores all across Alaska. Here's a look at the top five in the state.

Parnassus Books

Address: Parnassus Books, 105 Stedman Street, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Parnassus Books is a quaint shop filled with shelf after shelf of books across all genres. They select fresh fiction books on a regular basis and display them prominently up front. Additionally, Parnassus Books has a number of cookbooks displayed on the end caps to provide inspiration to all who visit. Beyond books, Parnassus offers cards, toys, and knickknacks galore, including wind chimes. Proudly serving the community for over 35 years, Parnassus Books gives everyone a chance to add to their book collection and purchase fun gifts.

Book Shelf

Address: Book Shelf, 11401 Old Glenn Highway, Suite 110-E, Eagle River, Alaska 99577

Located in Eagle River, Book Shelf offers everything anyone could want in a used bookstore. They have tons of used books on their shelves covering fiction and non-fiction topics of all kinds. They happily take in visitors' used books and provide a generous credit to use in their shop. Although their offerings are a bit cluttered, it is how they can provide all the titles possible in their small shop. Visitors are encouraged to dig through the piles to their hearts' content while looking for their perfect selections.

Old Harbor Books

Address: Old Harbor Books, 201 Lincoln Street, Sitka, Alaska 99835

A quiet group of book lovers opened Old Harbor Books in the mid-1970s and the rest is history. Although they have moved a couple blocks from their original location in Sitka, their love for books has not changed nor has the welcoming atmosphere in their shop. They keep tons of interesting books on their shelves and piled on tables around the store. They warmly welcome anyone who wants to browse their selections and offer recommendations as needed to help people find something intriguing to read.

The Writer's Block Bookstore & Café

Address: The Writer's Block Bookstore & Café, 3956 Spenard Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99517

The Writer's Block Bookstore & Café goes well beyond selling books by serving as a place for the community to come together. Regularly hosting local musicians, poets, and other artists to show off their craft, The Writer's Block hosts fun events for all ages. Between sets, visitors can browse all the books in their store plus grab delicious food in the café. Visitors are encouraged to grab a book and preview the contents at their leisure before buying. Located in Anchorage, this bookstore contains the most popular new titles, classic novels, and indie books, making sure there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Title Wave Books

Address: Title Wave Books, 1360 West Northern Lights Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Known as the largest bookstore in Alaska, Title Wave Books never has a shortage of excellent titles to choose from. Their 30,000-square-foot bookstore features more than a half-million titles from major publishers and indie authors alike. In addition to a wide variety of used hardback and paperback books, Title Wave has audiobooks, CDs, and even records. They welcome visitors to trade in their used books for store credit and often host game nights for all to enjoy.

Whether they have a title in mind or want to browse the shelves, everyone cannot go wrong in visiting any, or all, of these Alaska bookstores.

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