Can Professional Photography Help Sell a Home?

Professional Photography to Sell a HomeHomeowners looking to list their home may not be aware of the importance of professional photography. As an increasing pool of Sitka home buyers go online to check available properties in a specific area, they are using written details in addition to any photos to decide whether to make a further inquiry. Learn more about the role of professional photography for average homeowners looking to attract qualified buyers.

Quality Photography Attracts More Attention

It appears that professional level photographs of a home can increase views as much as 61 percent or more. This means that those who are able to make the initial investment into marketing their home may be able to sell faster and attract multiple offers. Homebuyers can still view listings on MLS and other platforms where amateur photos that are dark, blurry or poor quality are used as a visual representation of a home. There is a stark difference in the results between those who choose to snap a few photos on their mobile phone and others that use professional photographs in their listing.

Photography Impacts the Buyer Experience

Interested buyers not only use photographs when first deciding whether to call for more information, drive by or go to a showing. Photos may be used by buyers when deciding which homes they would like to make an offer on and what the offer should be for a home. Sellers and agents often find that professional photography leads to a higher asker price than expected. This means that any initial investment can be easily recouped when a home goes into closing. Professional photography and drone photography are ways that sellers can walk a buyer though their home and highlight any unique features that would appeal to a specific audience. Multiple high-quality photographs of a home improve the experience of interested parties as they make their way through the home buying process and make a final decision on a home.

Work with a Professional Photographer

Homeowners should be aware that a professional photographer is looking to provide clear and crisp images of a home. Taking photos of your home to sell is not a DIY project. A basic package will include a front exterior shot, images of interior rooms and one or more rear photographs. A professional has an understanding of composition and when and how to shoot a property to make the most of natural light. Speak with an experienced local agent for suggestions on qualified photographers and how to get a property ready for a shoot.

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