Choose the Right Home Flooring for Your New House

Choose the Right Home FlooringChoosing a new flooring type can be difficult, because there are many factors to consider. Lifestyle factors and property value can have a big impact on the material you choose, ultimately appealing to potential homebuyers. Knowing what to consider and how to find the right type of flooring for your needs is important.

Most Popular Flooring Types for Your Home

Homeowners have a wide variety of flooring options to consider for each room in their homes. Of all the options on the market today, the following three are the most popular due to their durability in construction and overall beauty.


Traditional hardwood floors are practically unmatched in beauty and charm. The hardwood flooring can come from a wide range of magnificent tree species, including walnut, cherry, oak, ash and maple. If it is in the budget, homeowners can even install flooring made from exotic hardwoods. Hardwood has the strength to stand up to the test of time, but it does require regular care to stay in great condition. This type of flooring does not work well in potentially wet areas, such as the kitchen and laundry room, necessitating a different floor covering for that area.


Laminate offers a similar look to hardwood, or any other material you favor, without the care and usage concerns. Laminate easily wipes clean and works well in every room of the house, including the bathroom. The laminate flooring can have a traditional or modern appearance to match the rest of the home’s décor. Many modern laminate flooring materials offer quick and easy installation by way of the proprietary design that simply fastens together.


For the best of both worlds, many people are choosing bamboo flooring for their entire house. The bamboo has the beauty of a traditional hardwood with the durability of laminate. Although bamboo is technically a grass, it acts as a hardwood when made into flooring planks. In addition to its easy maintenance requirements, bamboo flooring typically offers a streamlined installation process as well.

Consider Lifestyle and Members of the Household

Your lifestyle should have a big influence on the type of flooring that you choose. For example, in a household with young children or pets, durability and safety are both important. Children and pets can be hard on flooring, leaving stains and scratches where ever they go. At the same time, children learning to walk often fall down and can benefit from padded flooring.

While carpeting makes a soft surface to fall down on, it also absorbs dirt easily and can show stains. Homeowners who want the best of both worlds often choose dark colored carpeting, because it shows less dirt and can provide a soft surface for toddlers. Others may choose a durable material like wood laminate, then put down rugs for the years when their children need a soft surface on which to walk.

People who are typically busy often want easy to care for floors that require little maintenance. Wood laminate flooring requires little more maintenance than regular dry mopping, which makes this type of flooring ideal for working adults. Tile flooring can also be ideal for working adults, because it too only requires regular dry mopping.

Seniors, meanwhile, often put a premium on safety. Non-slip tile floors in the bathroom and kitchen can prevent accidents in any Wasilla home, while carpeting provides a non-slip surface that is padded and safer in the event of a fall.

Shop For Improved Home Value

Some types of flooring improve home value, others do not. Hardwood floors are often the most desirable flooring type for home buyers. It's said that the beauty and warmth of hardwood may make a home easier to sell and may improve the value of the home at the same time. Other flooring like carpeting can be less desirable unless it's brand new. Home buyers may plan to remove used carpeting that has not been well maintained and well cleaned. In some cases, carpeting can actually lead to lower offers.

See It In a Show Room

It's impossible to know what type of flooring will be right for your home unless you see it for yourself in person. Visiting a flooring store show room enables homeowners and flooring shoppers to touch, feel and see the type of flooring that they're thinking about purchasing. Often show rooms will provide customers with samples that they can take home and observe in the house where it will be installed. This makes it even easier to make a final decision.

Get Estimates

Once you've found a flooring contractor, it can be tempting just to accept the first bid you obtain. However, getting bids from multiple flooring contractors is important. Having multiple estimates can help you decide what price is reasonable and also makes it possible to pick the best of all the options.

If you're a homeowner thinking about getting new flooring installed in your home, contact flooring contractors as soon as possible to get an estimate, compare prices and see what flooring products are available in your area. Remember to check contractor licenses to ensure that the business you hire is professional.

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