Where Are the Best Comedy Clubs in Alaska?

Where to Find Comedy Clubs in AlaskaWhen in the mood for laugh after laugh, only comedy clubs will do. These clubs bring both popular comedians and newcomers to the stage to entertain the crowds and delight the masses. However, comedy clubs in Alaska are few and far between. To help everyone track down the laughs, here's a look at the options available in this state.

Urban Yeti Improv

Address: Various clubs and festivals across Alaska

Although not a comedy club per se, Urban Yeti Improv goes out of their way to bring laughter to everyone across Alaska. At their Anchorage headquarters, the six comedians in this group perform set after set of amazing jokes to the public. They practice their jokes on each other, fine-tuning the content and presentation to ensure they always make a great impression.

Once they have their acts down pat, they present the shows to residents at many festivals and events held throughout the year. They change their sets each season to keep their performances fresh and new for all to enjoy.

Of course, since they are an improv group, each act plays out differently at every performance. The group plays off each other brilliantly, showing the guests their never-ending wit and charm. Sometimes, they even involve the crowd to get everyone having a great time and keep the energy up through each act.

Scared Scriptless

Address: Scared Scriptless, 717 West 3rd Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99501

Scared Scriptless presents two-hour improv shows that keep the audience on their feet through every joke. Since the crowd suggests topics to the group, the acts are always brand-new, night after night.

The group has been serving up laughter to the community since 2000, allowing them to perfect their rapid-fire responses. Although they started as a humble group performing in coffee shops, their shows draw crowds of more than 200 people every night.

While providing excellent entertainment, Scared Scriptless keeps the crowd well-fed by offering pizza by the slice. They also have a full-service bar operating through each performance to ensure everyone can sip on their favorite beverages while chilling at the club.


Location: Koot's, 2435 Spenard Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Koot's is a well-loved comedy club that brings comedians from all over the world to their humble stage. They have new comedians every night plus musicians across all genres. Koot's even hosts open mic nights to let community members try their hand at dazzling the crowd. Their acts are scheduled all week long, starting at 8 p.m. most nights.

In addition to their comedy club, Koot's has several bars onsite serving up tasty beverages and snacks galore. At the Alleyway Grille, visitors can grab delicious appetizers made to order, including:

  • Jalapeño corn fritters
  • Chili cheese fries
  • Fried pickle chips

Around the corner at the Swing Bar, everyone can grab a few drinks and burn off some energy dancing the night away.

For a little more fun between acts, visitors can go over to the Kootskade to play classic arcade games of all kinds. The most popular of the lot include Space Invaders, Ms. Pacman, and Simpsons Bowling. Several pinball machines are available as well, including the beloved Earthshaker.

Although there are not many comedy clubs in Alaska, the few that exist are well worth a visit. Don't forget to track down Urban Yeti Improv at all the festivals and other events held across the state each year.

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