Create a guest room for guests to Your Southcentral Alaska home

When you live in Alaska, you can bet you'll have a stream of house guests from the Lower 48. Our state is just so intriguing to everyone. And, you understand why, don't you? Whether you have guests in and out of your home almost constantly – or you're expecting your first overnight visitors, these few tips will make your Alaskan guest room as comfortable as it can be.

Spend Time in Your Guest's Rooms – You don't need to go as far as packing an overnight bag and camping in the guest room for a weekend, but doing so will probably transform the space entirely. But, spend enough time to determine whether you need new lights, warmer blankets, or if that mattress is really as bad as you imagine.

Toiletries and Towels – There's a reason hotels provide soap and have a supply of toiletries to offer – people forget these items all the time. Not sure what you need to provide? Trial-size anything makes guests feel comfortable about accepting – and you should try to facilitate as much as a hotel can. Don't forget the fluffy body, face, and hand towels.

Make It Easy to Know Your Home – Almost everyone is going to want to know the WiFi password. If you have an alarm or any Smart home devices, you'll need to share that informational as well. It's easiest to plan for it and create a guide that covers everything a guest needs to know.

A Little Local Goes a Long Way – While you're busy making your home inviting, don't forget to show off the local area too. There's plenty to do all over Alaska and a few brochures, maps, guides, and maybe even a local history book will entice your guests to make the most of their visit.

And remember, guest rooms are meant to be an oasis; keep these spaces as neutral and clutter-free as possible. Unless, of course, you're tired of welcoming friends and family to our incredible home.

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