Where Are the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Alaska?

Dog-Friendly Restaurants to Visit in AlaskaWhile traveling with a dog in Alaska, it is not always so easy to find a pet-friendly place to eat. As cold weather is the norm, many restaurants forgo the patio seating in favor of more indoor tables safe from the low temperatures. But that does not work for those who need to take their dog along for the fun. Thankfully, these four following restaurants understand this problem well and allow people to dine with their dogs.

AK Alchemist

Located just off East 4th Street in Anchorage, AK Alchemist serves up mouthwatering burgers and other delightful American dishes on the regular. They even have imaginative menu items that celebrate all there is to love about Alaska, such as reindeer burgers. Their fried ice cream is worth an extended stay, so everyone ought to save plenty of room for dessert.

All day long, they offer dine in and carryout service to their loyal patrons. For those with dogs, they allow them to dine on the patio, providing table-side service to remember. Many locals even order up a plate for their dogs to enjoy with the reindeer burger, which has remained a fan favorite time and time again.

Address: AK Alchemist, 103 E 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Tommy's Burger Stop

Tommy's Burger Stop turns the cheeseburger into an art form by regularly dreaming up new creations to share with their patrons. Their eclectic menu mimics their dining area, full of fantastic works of art and comfortable seating for all.

Only using 100 percent ground beef from Australia, they have nearly a dozen amazing options with their specialty creations drawing the biggest crowds. They also have Cajun-inspired po-boys and traditional Philly cheese steaks, plus salads galore.

You can add an extra meat, including bacon, to any of their burgers or sandwiches. Or simply make it a double to share with your dog. They allow people to dine on their outdoor patios with their dogs in tow year-round, as long as they can handle the weather.

Address: Tommy's Burger Stop, 1106 W 29th Pl, Anchorage, AK 99503

Spenard Roadhouse

At Spenard Roadhouse, guests can treat themselves, and their canine companions, to a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From full-service breakfast spreads to bacon blue cheese pizzas, there is something for everyone on their menu. They also have truly decadent desserts available all day, including s'mores, key lime pie, and carrot cake. Visitors also have the option to simply stop by the bar for a drink to warm up their bellies at the end of the day.

Their outdoor patio space is the place to be, however, when traveling with a pooch (or two!) in tow. They happily serve pets whatever their guests order, providing it with a warm smile and plenty of flair. The space is cozy, but well-adorned with pots of wildflowers that bloom beautifully all season long.

Address: Spenard Roadhouse, 1049 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503


At BurgerFi, burgers are the name of the game and there are plenty to consider at every visit. And each one comes with stamped-in grill marks and the name of the restaurant on top of the bun. They only use the highest-quality beef for all of their creations, including coveted wagyu beef blended with brisket. Angus beef is the norm, however, elevating the flavor of their inventive toppings with every bite.

Toppings used for their burgers include:

  • Truffle aioli
  • Homemade candied bacon-tomato jam
  • White cheddar
  • Maple syrup

Their house made BurgerFi sauce is the star of the show, however, making each visit a truly memorable experience. For those who prefer something a little different, they also have fried and grilled chicken sandwiches, fried chicken tenders, and hot dogs galore. Patrons are always welcome to bring along their dogs, as long as they are willing to sit on the patio. The outdoor seating area is covered, making it an excellent place to visit year-round.

Address: BurgerFi, 600 E Northern Lights Blvd #118, Anchorage, AK 99503

No matter when people are traveling across Alaska, they can always count on these restaurants to welcome them and their dogs with open arms. While there, they can grab a plate of delicious food to eat—and one for their dog as well, if they wish.

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