New Years Resolutions for Your Home

How to Maintain Your House in the New YearMost people think of resolutions in relation to themselves. From losing weight to learning a new skill, people look forward to the symbolic change of a new year (and a new you). But sometimes it can actually help to think from the outside in rather than the inside out.

When homeowners improve the space in which they live, and likely spend the most amount of time in, they can send a strong message to themselves about their worth. They can even accomplish many of the original goals they may have had for themselves.

Declutter and De-stress

For those who want to cut back on stress in 2019, decluttering can be a freeing experience. The problem is that people feel overwhelmed by the vast majority of things that surround them. They may want to keep certain objects—even if they can't quite understand why. One way for homeowners to get around this problem is to create more storage space in their home. Whether they store containers under a bed or hang up a shoe tree, decluttering is an instant de-stressor.

Pay Off Debts

The more money a homeowner has, the more they can put toward home improvement. Debt encourages people to spend money on interest and fees instead of on things they really want. Getting out of debt this year can even end up saving money over time. Let's say 2019 is the year a homeowner pays off everything they own. In 2020, they can buy energy efficient appliances and watch their utility bills come tumbling down.

Bring the Family Together

Instead of devoting time to watching mindless TV, make this the year that everyone gets involved with a home improvement project. It can start as simply as making fun decorations for the mantle or planting a vegetable garden. Hopefully, over time, the family starts to see the value (and the satisfaction) of learning new skills, being active, and working with their hands. This can ultimately encourage even more projects that save money while managing to bring everyone together.

Breathe Easier

From cigarette smoke to dust, residents can end up breathing in a lot of contaminants that are harmful to their bodies over time. And while dust allergies may not be life-threatening, breathing in mold spores can be a serious health hazard. Now is a good time to get the vacuum out, change the filters, or buy an air purifier for the home. Hire an auditor to come and check the efficiency of the ductwork in case there are ventilation problems. These steps can help keep the air pure so everyone breathes easy.

Invest in Better Materials

For homeowners who are tired of constant home maintenance, it may be time to swap out some of the low-grade materials for something that will last for decades to come. For example, LED bulbs can go for as long as 50,000 hours without having to be changed. Fiber-cement siding can handle the weather and the stress for up to half a century. Researching and investing in better materials means a higher resale value for the home too.

Practically any new year's resolution can be turned into a home improvement project, and it only takes a little creativity to make it happen. Those who make the commitment can increase their home's efficiency, value, and aesthetics while simultaneously doing everything from losing weight to finding financial freedom.

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