High ROI Kitchen Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

How to Sell Your Home With High ROI Kitchen ImprovementsKitchens are a major attraction for home buyers. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where family spends time talking and cooking. It's no wonder, therefore, than many home buyers seek homes with newly remodeled kitchens. North Pole homeowners who want to sell their property may benefit from these high ROI kitchen improvements.

Installing New Floors

Older kitchen flooring material like linoleum can be a deterrent for home buyers. Many modern home buyers like to see a more traditional but durable flooring material in their kitchen. Examples of popular flooring material for kitchens include Spanish tile, stone and waterproof laminate.

When choosing a flooring material, homeowners must take into consideration the flooring material's durability, maintenance and longevity. Doing research, getting quotes from different material suppliers and picking up samples from local material suppliers can help homeowners decide which flooring is right for them.

Stone Counters

A cooktop looks very modern and stylish but along those lines, stone countertops have become increasingly popular over the years. A decade ago granite was the stone of choice for homeowners seeking a natural and durable countertop material. Now quartz countertops, made from engineered stone, are the countertop material selected by many homeowners. Quartz is known to be even more durable than granite, and requires no regular maintenance except for cleaning.

Best of all, quartz can be made to mimic a variety of other stone types. Homeowners who want countertops that look just like marble, granite and other types of stone can find it in quartz.

New or Refinished Cabinets

New cabinets are attractive to home buyers who want their homes to have plenty of storage and attractive millwork. New cabinets can be expensive, but homeowners on a budget who want the look of new cabinets without the expense may be able to refinish their cabinets instead of replacing them. This is a good option for homeowners who feel like their cabinets are in good enough condition to be used for many more years.

When refinishing cabinets, homeowners must decide whether or not to stain their cabinets or paint them. Painted cabinets are popular right now, but once paint has been applied it can be very difficult to remove. Homeowners who decide to paint their cabinets instead of refinishing may never be able to remove the paint, so it's important to be sure before making a final decision.

Bump Out

A bump out is a small addition that adds a few extra feet to a room. Bump outs are common in kitchens because many kitchens only need a few extra feet to become an eat-in room. Compared to standard additions, bump outs are also very affordable. A homeowner who wants to add a bump out onto their kitchen must work with a contractor who has experience with this type of renovation to ensure it is done correctly.

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is an excellent, low-cost way to make a kitchen look new and beautiful again. Many homeowners who are not willing to remodel their entire kitchen will still put on a fresh coat of paint to make the room look well-maintained and clean. When painting a kitchen, it's important to use a shiny paint like semi-gloss. This type of paint is easier to clean and maintain in a high-moisture room like a kitchen.

For more information about how you can make your kitchen more valuable through home improvements and renovations, contact a trusted real estate agent. Your real estate agent can suggest high ROI projects before you sell your property.

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