What Home Architectural Style Is Right For You?

Which Style of Home Should You Buy?Home architectural styles have varied a lot over the years. Home buyers who want a historical property or who are seeking a home that fits their personality should be aware of the different styles. Knowing what's out there and how the styles differ can make it easier for the home buyer to find or construct the type of home that matches their personality.

Colonial Style Home

Colonial style homes date back to the 1700's. These houses are typically three story homes, with a stair case in the middle of the house connecting all three floors. Colonial homes are very formal, with handmade millwork, brass fittings and mirrors placed around the house for decoration. Living spaces are found on the first floor and bedrooms are found on the upper floors.

These homes can incur high maintenance costs, especially in heating and cooling, but for the right homeowner, the expense is worth it. Colonial homes tend to be historic and grand, and are especially impressive for home buyers who like to entertain large parties.

Victorian Home

Victorian architecture is the style that was popular during Queen Victoria's reign from the early to mid 1800's through the end of the 19th century. Victorian homes can be divided into different sub-styles like Gothic Revival and Queen Anne style. Victorian homes are large, multi-story properties with sharply pitched roofs, rounded gables, pointed windows and large asymmetrical porches.

Victorian homes are often very ornate. Some resemble castles or cathedrals, others look almost like wedding cakes. Like Colonial style homes, Victorian homes can be expensive to heat and cool. Repairs can also get expensive in Victorian homes, because old fixtures break easily and need to be replaced. However, for a person who appreciates history and needs space to spread out, a Victorian home is an excellent option.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern homes rose in popularity in 1945 and continued to be built through the 1980's. These homes can be recognized by their shallow roofs, large glass windows and open spaces. These homes were designed to integrate the inside and outside, so that the inside of the home had a substantial view of the yard and the great outdoors.

Mid-Century Modern homes are often split-level, so the homeowner may walk up and down slightly from one side of the home to the other. This creates a sense of space and depth within the home.


Mediterranean style homes are a mixture of different styles found in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. These homes tend to be large and sprawling, with stucco walls, porticos, heavy wooden doors, arches, plaster and Spanish tile rooftops. This style of architecture was popular in the early part of the 20th century up to the beginning of World War II. Homeowners continue to build this style of home today, in certain parts of the country.

Mediterranean style homes are often found in the desert southwest, where the clay tile roofs are resistant to flame and fair well under the sun. Homeowners who like Mediterranean style often appreciate the small ornamental touches found on these homes, mixed with the practical use of materials.

Work With a Real Estate Professional

If you're a home buyer who would like to purchase a specific style of home, work with a real estate professional to find the Kenai home that's right for you. Your real estate professional can help you identify homes in the area that meet your criteria, and can also help you negotiate a fair price for the property.

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