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How to Paint Your Home's InteriorA lot of homeowners don't have a lot of experience painting interiors. However, it's a great skill to learn whether you just want to spruce things up for fun or improve the home before selling. Using the right tools and following best practices can help you achieve a professional finish. These tips make it easier to paint an interior room with good results.

Paint Samples Before Picking the Color

It’s hard to tell what a paint will look like by looking at a small swatch. Applying the paint to the wall is the only way to judge whether or not a color is right for a room. Paint stores sell samples for this very purpose. To get the best idea of what a color will look like in a room, paint a large square on the wall. View the square at different

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Renovations to add Value to your HomeSummer is the season to enjoy your yard and the outdoor life, but it can also be the time to complete some value-adding DIY projects around the house. Here are 5 great ways to improve your property –you'll never call it work!

Enhance your Patio

Extend outdoor living space with a new deck and bench seating along two sides of an existing patio. Or place stepping stones strategically to through a planting area, leading guests to an wood deck with an attached ramada. Find ideas for both simple and "over the top" decks at houzz.com.

Beautify the Front Entry

Repaint your front door a bright new color, then add a new keyless lock set to complement the architecture and provide better security. Add stylish numbers, large and distinctive enough to

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Playrooms may be the star attraction for your kids, but they’re usually not terribly enticing for their parents. Even when they’re not messy, they can feel overwhelming cute. And it can be difficult for grownups to enjoy watching their children at play when everything feels too small.

Here are a few ways you can get around those challenges and decorate your playroom so everyone can enjoy being there.

Everyone needs a place to sit – If the playroom only has tiny wooden chairs, you’re not going to want to spend time reading while your child makes you a plate of plastic food. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone in the family to take a seat and make it a comfortable one.

Bring storage down, way down – You can hide seasonal décor on the

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 When you live in Alaska, you can bet you’ll have a stream of house guests from the Lower 48. Our state is just so intriguing to everyone. And, you understand why, don’t you? Whether you have guests in and out of your home almost constantly – or you’re expecting your first overnight visitors, these few tips will make your Alaskan guest room as comfortable as it can be.

 Spend Time in Your Guest’s Rooms – You don’t need to go as far as packing an overnight bag and camping in the guest room for a weekend, but doing so will probably transform the space entirely. But, spend enough time to determine whether you need new lights, warmer blankets, or if that mattress is really as bad as you imagine.

 Toiletries and Towels – There’s a reason hotels

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You may turn to your tablet for a good read rather than heading to a bookstore to browse new titles – or perhaps you’re just the opposite. Either way, there’s no reason for your bookshelves to appear drab and unloved. Bookshelf makeovers don’t require a lot of DIY experience and have the power to transform just about any room in your home.

Take a Look Behind the Books – Bookshelves with plain (rather than open) backs offer the perfect opportunity for a revamp. And, the options are both limitless and bespoke. All you need is some wallpaper, fabric, or a small can of paint. Simply decorate the space behind the books for a fresh or classic feeling. And, you hardly need to limit yourself to one color or pattern. This is a chance to go wild.

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Closets only became an element of American homes around the time Alaska joined the Union. It didn’t take long for developers to realize that it was one of those features that buyers would pay for; closets were built into every room.

But, what are you to do with that space if you don’t need your closets for clothes? These ideas are more than a weekend makeover; they may just change your life.

Create a Clever Work Station – Remove the hanging bar and insert a desk – or any surface that works for writing or typing. Use the upper shelf for storage by dividing supplies between sturdy, decorative boxes. Once you add a coat of paint and a shine a little light onto the space, all you need is a chair and you’re ready to work.

Cozy up with a Lovely

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