Where Can You Go to Get a Home Inspector in Alaska?

Everything You Need to Know About Alaskan Home InspectionsThe home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Without a home inspection, it can be difficult or impossible to tell whether the house home buyers are trying to purchase is a good investment. If you are a home buyer trying to buy a home in Alaska, then it is important to know where to look for a home inspector. These tips can help home buyers find the right home inspector to look at the home they would like to buy.

How to Find a Home Inspector in Alaska

Home inspectors in Alaska have specific requirements in order to practice their trade, including to pass their examination and obtain a $10,000 surety bond, liability insurance and a registered business license in the state. The bond and insurance help protect home buyers against damages if something goes wrong with their home inspection, so it's important to ensure the home inspector is properly credentialed.

Check State Listings American Society of Home Inspectors

The American Society of Home Inspectors publishes lists of home inspectors who have achieved a certain level of experience and credential. The ASHI website lists home inspectors by their location, so people seeking a home inspector within a certain area can do so.

Talk to Your Real Estate Professional

Another way a home buyer can find a reputable home inspector is to check with their real estate professional. Real estate agents keep lists of home inspectors who work in their area, so even if the home buyer can't find someone on the ASHI website, they can still get a home inspector to come to the property they would like to purchase.

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

It is helpful, when hiring a home inspector, to know what the home inspector can be expected to do. Home inspectors perform an in-depth visual inspection of the various systems in the house, including the plumbing, electrical system, roof, and more. Home inspectors only perform visual inspections, so if the problems in the home are buried in the walls, the home inspector may never find out.

Home inspectors may run the bathtub, check drainage in sinks and in showers, and may walk throughout the home, from the basement to the attic. When they are done with the inspection, home inspectors write a report for the home buyer to read and study.

What Does a Home Inspector Not Do?

Home inspectors do not usually inspect chimneys, sewers, septic tanks or anything in the walls or on the roof. While the home inspector may find some problems in the house by turning on and off devices, and by poking their heads in some unusual spots, home inspectors do not do anything invasive.

Work with Your Real Estate Professional

If you are a home buyer who would like to purchase a home in Alaska, work with a real estate professional. Working with a capable real estate professional can help ensure that your home buying experience will go well. Your real estate agent can give you information about which home inspectors are best, and what other steps need to be taken through the escrow process.

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