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Every homeowner gets to a point when their bathrooms feel drab. Rarely are these rooms as bland as you think they are; it’s just that you spend time in them every day. Worse, when they are up-to-date and have everything you need, it’s difficult to justify spending a fortune on transforming your bathrooms.

You don’t need to outlay a lot of cash to spruce your bathrooms. You can do it relatively cheaply – and quickly. In fact, most rooms don’t need a lot of work to feel brand new again.

Start with a good clean (and don’t forget the light bulbs) and then consider any of these options for a super fast fix.

Organize the cabinets – The more you can pull off the counters, the cleaner and newer that everything will feel. Clear out all the drawers

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Winter came and went a long time ago, and you’ve opened all the windows to air out your home for a spot of spring cleaning Chances are you’ve taken for granted your windows ― these essential home structures, especially in Alaska. While you probably won’t need to worry about them for awhile, it never hurts to give each one a quick once over to make sure you don’t suffer this winter.

You Can’t Open or Close Your Windows – It’s awful when you need to fight with anything in your home. When it’s your windows, with all that glass and the security problems a broken window can present, it’s even worse. Sure, a firmly closed window isn’t going to let drafts through, but it’s also not going to improve the quality of your life or the value of your home.

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Working from home, especially if you don’t see clients in your home office, means being able to make as big of a mess as you want and no-one is the wiser. Close the door at the end of the day and all is forgotten. But, the clutter adds up and can eat away at your productivity.

According to a study by HLW International, folks that work in a clean office were 5 percent more productive than those that worked in a dirty environment. Let’s see what we can do to get your office clean and uncluttered and your productivity humming.

1. Keep the cleaning supplies handy

It’s too easy to put off routine tidying up when you have to leave the room to gather cleaning supplies and tools, so keep a stock of what you need right in your office. Fill a bin or

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There is something wonderful about a freshly painted and decorated room. It can be any room, from a tiny guest bedroom to the kitchen; it just feels good. The absolute opposite of that feeling happens when you walk into a room with faded paint and damaged drywall.

But, you can always achieve a lovely home sensation with a little bit of work. And, most drywall issues can be fixed… without replacing it completely.

Do You Have Problem Drywall?

While you can do repairs on a lot of drywall, there is such a thing as problem drywall. If your walls were installed between 2001 and 2009, you might have a “bad batch”. That’s not to say that all walls from this time are troublesome, but it helps to narrow any problems you may have. Check the copper

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Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? I do and I’m just wondering if this is unique to my family or if most Alaska families have one. NPR’s Linton Weeks says they serve “as a Rorschachian reflection of your life.” That’s rather distressing, isn’t it?

The garage is the most cluttered room in the house, according to a Moen Consumer and Market Insights Group survey of homeowners. The kitchen was the second and it tied with the home office. Homeowners complained of mail cluttering the countertops and small electrical appliances hanging around, taking up space.

Since the junk drawer says so much about our lives, imagine what a cluttered kitchen is whispering. Let’s look at some ways to bring order to the kitchen.

What’s ok?

According to

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protect your homeChristmas is a time of happiness and cheer. We enjoy spending time with our families and loved ones and attempt to spread happiness to others by embodying the giving spirit of the season. Unfortunately, while this may be true for most of us, there are definitely some individuals that try and take advantage of the season for their own personal gain. They see the increased amount of retail goods in our homes and more frequent out of town travel as an opportunity to steal our hard earned money and belongings. 

Horror stories of children’s Christmas presents being stolen right from under the tree are far too common. Although there are many police warnings of a higher burglary rates during the Christmas season, few of us actually take any action to protect

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