Buying A Home? You'll Need These Home Maintenance Tools!

Tools Homeowners NeedHomes are a lot of work, and new home buyers are usually in for a surprise when they discover the amount of maintenance that a typical home requires. First-time home buyers often do not have the right tools to keep their home in good condition.

The following tools often come in handy in the first year of owning a home. Home buyers who are soon to own a new house will need these tools on hand to keep their property in good condition.

Hammer, Nails, Screws and Screwdriver

A hammer is the most basic tool that a home buyer can purchase. Without nails, the hammer is almost useless. New homeowners should keep a range of nails on hand, in different sizes and for different purposes, so they'll always have the nail they need to get the work done.

Screws and screwdrivers are of similar importance. Screws come in handy when hanging shelves, heavy pictures and when assembling furniture. Home buyers should have a range of screwdrivers including Phillips head and slot head screwdrivers. Many homeowners find it's also important to own screwdrivers of multiple sizes to ensure that they always have the right screwdriver for the job.

Drill and Power Saw

Drills are helpful for a range of household tasks. Drills can be used to make holes in wood, walls and mortar. Drills are also useful for inserting screws into walls. A power saw can also be helpful for a homeowner who likes to make their own repairs on decks, staircases and other structural features.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape gets used a lot in the first few months in a house. Measuring tape can help homeowners decide things like where furniture will fit, what size curtains to buy and whether or not a couch will fit through a doorway. It's best to purchase a measuring tape that is very long and durable, so that it will last for many years.

Painting Tools

Many new Fairbanks homeowners decide to paint their house shortly after moving in. Painting can easily be done without help from a contractor, but the homeowner will need the right tools to do the job. These tools include paint brushes, paint rollers, paint trays and canvas.

If you're a home buyer, now is the time to stock up on tools. You'll want a good stock of tools to take care of your house from the moment you move in.

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