How to Keep Home Moving Simple

5 Ways to Make the Moving Process EasierMoving from one home to the next is complicated. It might involve hundreds of boxes, plus furniture and at least a little confusion. With these tips, home buyers can make buying a home slightly easier by simplifying the process of moving and keeping everything in order.

Organize Before Packing

Unpacking after moving can be a nightmare, especially if the items were not organized when they were put into the boxes. Home buyers who invest the effort to get their belongings into an order that is simple to follow and remember will have an easier time figuring out where boxes should go, and unpacking items once the move is complete. People like to organize in different ways, but it makes sense to categorize items by:

  • Room it belongs to
  • Season in which it's useful
  • Type of item (e.g. baking tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations)

This is an excellent time to make a list of any possessions that will not be placed on the moving truck. Moving companies often have insurance policies for broken or lost items, but priceless or irreplaceable things may be better transported separately.

Stock Up on Moving Supplies

Anyone who has moved before has a sense of how it might go. They get on a roll with packing late one night, only to realize that they have run out of packing tape or the right sizes of boxes. It is often difficult to estimate how many boxes are needed, particularly because boxes come in a wide variety of sizes. As a general rule, it is wise to plan to buy about 20 boxes per number of bedrooms, plus at least another 20 boxes. Dense items should always be placed in smaller boxes, so that the boxes are not too heavy to carry.

Thin Out Unwanted Belongings

A lot of people hang onto possessions they no longer use or want, and manage to move them from one home to another. However, moving is quite possibly the best chance to eliminate this unnecessary clutter for good. As people go through each room and pack up the things they want to keep, they should use laundry baskets, bags, or boxes to separate the items they plan to sell, donate, or throw away. These categories should be made easy to distinguish, so that the stuff to take to the next home is not given away by accident.

Start Early

There is always a bit of a dash to get every together right before moving day. Home buyers should plan to start as early as they can. The more time they have to prepare, the more careful and conscious they can be about packing and organizing. At the beginning, packing 5-10 boxes per day might only take an hour or two, and save a lot of hassle in the coming weeks.

Label Boxes to Open First

People often pack in reverse order of the items they will need. This means that the most important belongings usually get packed last, simply because they are used up until moving day. Saving at least 10 boxes for the last few items makes sure there is space to keep these things organized and easy to find. People should label these boxes clearly so that they can locate their bedding, bathroom supplies, and other vital items quickly.

Important Items And Documents To Pack And Move Separately While Moving House

When you are moving, there are certain things you'll want to pack up and move separately—as much for your own peace of mind as anything else. Think about what you couldn't live without or easily replace if it were lost or delayed in the move. Medical supplies and prescription medications could keep you going once you arrive at the new home, even if the movers were delayed. On the other hand, passports and any documents that you wouldn't want to get into the wrong hands may need a higher level of protection than the average mover would give them. Finally, think about what your family members would consider vital--that special stuffed animal could be vital to a toddler and a specific pair of reading glasses could keep your spouse happy during the move.

Moving all of a family's possessions can be overwhelming, but there are ways to keep it simple. By taking advantage of this advice, Big Lake homebuyers can make packing go faster, and be easier to manage after the move.

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