How to Restore or Replace Your Cabinetry

Should I Restore or Replace My CabinetsCabinets are a larger part of the kitchen then many people realize, especially when compared with the overall square footage of the room. Renovating or restoring them not only increases the functionality of the cabinetry but can also help the kitchen look better (both for current and future residents) and help sell that Palmer AK home. Here are a few tips to getting the restoration process right.

Taking Stock

Not everyone needs to restore or renovate their cabinetry. If the stability and integrity of the cabinets are intact, the homeowner may only need to paint or change out the fixtures to give the room a mini-makeover. This can even be a selling point for the future. A home with its original structures can be advertised as quality craftsmanship.

When choosing colors, homeowners should blend their own aesthetic tastes with that of the average homebuyer. Neutral colors in a kitchen tend to attract better offers, but homeowners also need to be happy with their choice. Experts recommend painting upper cabinets a complementary color of lower ones to add a little contrast to the room. Semi-gloss enamel paint will work best.

Spruce Up Cabinets

There are a few ways to give cabinets a new look:

  • Lighting: Lighting is important in any room, though more so in a kitchen. Lighting above and/or below kitchen cabinets can add a little extra illumination to the storage space. It's also a safety measure for those preparing foods in the kitchen.
  • Reface: Refacing costs a small fraction of replacement. Take out the ugly dark wood and replace with clear glass or a lighter shade to spruce up cabinets.
  • Remove doors: Taking off the doors can make the cabinets look bigger and can help homeowners save time searching for everyday items.

How to Replace

If replacement is the only option, consider adding the convenience element. From spice racks to outside racks, cabinetry helps people organize their kitchens. Consider how much time is spent searching for lids or an extra-large platter and then work out ways to solve the problem with cabinetry. For example, spinning shelves give people a chance to see everything—even if it's hidden all the way in the back.

Cabinets for a home chef are pivotal to their success and time management. They also give the kitchen much of its overall aesthetic success. Restoring or replacing can be a great way to improve both aspects of the cabinetry, and to help homeowners get more from their kitchens.

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