How to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

white freestanding bathtub and brown wooden cabinetsBuyer or seller, you are thinking about a bathroom renovation but you want to keep the budget small?

Well, you can't get much smaller than doing improvements for a tight bathroom. Or maybe you want to change up your master bathroom, freshly-built addition (with all permits, of course), and give it a modern touch? Often, not knowing where to start, or how much it is going to cost can daunt, but that's okay.

Renovation for Beginners

Professionals are helping you through the ins and outs and giving you ideas based on experience and know-how, so you know what you are about to take on, and whether or not you can handle the project as planned.

So, get out yourself together, tighten your belt, and get ready as bathroom renovation ain't easy.

Where to Start?

The first step is to outline a brief of what you want to do.

If your bathroom is small, it is ok to think big, but managing expectations because of the square-footage constraints is important. But just because it is a certain way for a while, that doesn't mean you can't fit a tub, or raise the toilet. It just takes some creativity, a good budget, and clever engineering.

If you are going to do a renovation or remodel on a large bathroom, like the master bath, then space opens multiple options and imagination can go wild. If you're not too bothered by the cost, ideas can be ambitious. Build a thorough list of ideas and what you could make out of them. photography of woman on bathtub covered with white bubbles

Start a Renovation To-do List

Decide what needs to stay, what needs to go, and what you absolutely want to change to make your perfect bathroom. It can be more than just a place to relieve yourself but imagine a dash of luxuriating in a hot bubble foot tub after a long day, or a quiet space to collect your thoughts when the world gets too hectic.

Renovation and remodeling of a bathroom is the blank canvas to make it whatever you want. Make it perfect.

What's next?

Pick a theme like wood and flowers, or stripped to a minimum. Next is to polish your plan 100% ready before breaking ground. Where to start is critical and having expert advice on technology, what to do that will be the least expensive as a first step is key.

Money-saving renovation ideas that help:

To make the most value of your property, smart improvements can make your home golden. Here's what professional house buyer Paul Gibbens shares:

  • "If your toilet is the right height, but it could use an update, pick a different seat and lid. There are tons of seat/lid combos, including padded seats that cost the same as a traditional white seat. Or go with wood or leather. There are even acrylic seats with fun things floating within that can add to your theme.
  • You aren't happy with the wall color, then paint them. Paint is easy, and not daunting to apply in small spaces. Wallpaper, or just trim paper, is great too. Or put up wood paneling. It is a cheap way to add warmth to any space.
  • Fixtures and hardware are in plentiful supply, and often, you might even find the fixture you want at a thrift store. Otherwise, hardware stores have tons of options at very reasonable prices, and they are super easy to install. Take a wrench and some Teflon tape.
  • Avoid new tile. There are affordable alternatives, such as laminates, that look great and are durable, waterproof, and less hazardous than tile when it comes to slips. And you can match your laminate or other floorings to your theme.
  • Keep your existing layout. That doesn't mean if your tub is on a wall it has to stay on a wall. Often you can turn the tub but keep the plumbing in the same place. However, if you are unsure about if your new layout will work with your existing plumbing setup, before you move the tub or sink, consult a professional. Yes, this will cost you for the consult, but it will save you in the headaches." room with white bathtub and brown wooden cabinets

Most of the upgrades to your bathroom are in the realm of DIY, but there are a few that you will need a pro for," comments bathroom plumbing expert Stephan Smith. Don't act too proud. Seek renovation advice. There is no shame in asking. After all, that's where beginners start. Just chalk it up to overall renovation costs.


Any home renovation is done to give you a different view of your space, but it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg nor devalue a property. You chose to undertake a change in the home, so you already know it isn't going to be free. But it can be done economically, in many ways in environmentally friendly ways, and in ways that can help others, like taking your removed bathroom items to a thrift store for others to use.

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