How to Sell a Home with Pets

How to Sell a Home with PetsFor those who love pets, they can be the favorite member of a household and an uplifting presence, but they can also be a deterrent when it comes to getting buyers to show up for home showings. From pet odors to damaged walls and flooring, buyers have many reasons to skip homes with pets in their home-buying tour. They may also be fearful of the potential hazards of coming across an unfamiliar animal. See how to make the home more attractive and appealing to buyers even if you own an animal.

Learn the best way to sell your home when you have pets living with you.

Repair Any Damage to the Home

The damage a pet causes to a home over time can be insidious to the homeowners who are acclimated to it. Pet odors, scratches, stains, and other damage can build up in a home thanks to a pet, and too many homeowners fail to repair the damages and remove the odors left by the pets.

Homeowners have plenty of inexpensive options to rid their home of odors or pet damage. All floors and furniture need to be vacuumed, regardless of whether or not they're carpeted. Pet owners can also use baking soda on all of their carpeting and upholstered furniture to neutralize odors. Vinegar solutions can tackle any additional lingering odor, as can exposing rooms to fresh air and sun. Consider refinishing the floors or hiring a handyman to repair any general paint or wall damage left behind by a pet.

Eliminating Pet Odors Before Selling

Pet odors make a home difficult to sell, so eliminating the smells before putting the house on the market should help the house sell more quickly. Eliminating pet odors is often a multi-step process that can take many days. Carpeting commonly harbors smells from pet dander and even pet urine. Homeowners can eliminate odors by deodorizing the carpet.

Opening windows during times of good weather can help as well. In some cases, replacing or removing carpeting can help, as can shampooing all upholstery. Changing pet grooming habits to ensure that the pet always smells clean can help with pet odors as well.

Finally, many pet owners find it helps to keep their pet contained to only a few rooms in the house, like the basement or garage. This keeps the pet odors out of the nicest rooms of the house, where home buyers are likely to spend the most time when looking at the house.

Showing a Home With Pets

When showing a home, buyers may be distracted by the presence of a foreign animal in a home. Because of this, it's best to take any animals elsewhere for any scheduled showings, so their presence can't affect the showing in any way. Even if a pet is well behaved generally, it can become stressed by the presence of strangers, and buyers can be distracted from the home as a result.

Homeowners should also put away any pet beds, litter boxes, terrariums, or other pet paraphernalia to keep the buyer's focus on the house, not what lives in it.

Prepare to Move the Pet

Pets can be challenged by a move, sometimes even more so than humans are because they don't have a frame of reference or a sense of what's ahead. Talk to a vet about how to best prepare the pet for the move based on their personality. Homeowners are going to want to clear out their pet during any home visits to make the best impression, and a vet can give owners a better idea of how to approach the transition.

Showcasing a Fairbanks home with pets doesn't have to difficult once sellers have a plan in place. Use these tips so that by the time a buyer stops by, owners know they've done everything they possibly can to prepare.

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