3 Best Ice Skating Destinations in Alaska

3 Great Places to go Ice Skating in Alaska in 2019As the northernmost state, Alaska is known for its cold winters and heavy snowfalls that turn it into a winter wonderland every year. If you love going out into the snow for thrilling sessions of ice skating, Alaska is the perfect place for you. Whether you're a long-time resident or a visitor to the state, here are some of the best ice skating locations in Alaska.

Treadwell Ice Arena

Address: Treadwell Ice Arena, 105 Savikko Rd, Douglas, AK 99824

Located in Douglas, the Treadwell Ice Arena is a fantastic indoor skating location for anyone who wants to hit the ice. A small admission fee will get you into the rink itself with a pair of rental skates, and a station on-site can quickly sharpen any skates you bring in.

Several drop-in programs are offered throughout the week, including Pond Hockey on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One-time events are also available on certain days—just check the arena's website! If the workshops don't appeal to you, many days offer an Open Skate period, where you can skate to your heart's content.

Portage Lake & Glacier

Location: Portage Lake, Anchorage, AK

For those who want to experience skating on wild ice, Portage Lake can offer an unforgettable experience—weather permitting. Once the lake's surface freezes in the winter, those who choose to skate across it can see not only the wall of blue ice on the banks of the lake, but also the Portage glacier itself.

From the glacier to the opposite shore is a mile-wide stretch of ice, perfect for a long tour around the lake in open air. Skates that clip to the bottoms of your boots are recommended for this location. Be warned: the weather can change the texture of the surface of the ice overnight.

Bear Lake Winter Trail

Location: Bear Lake, Bear Creek, AK 99664

Not for the faint of heart, the Bear Lake Winter Trail is nonetheless a unique destination. This temporary trail is groomed every year by volunteers once the eponymous Bear Lake is covered in snow. It follows along the perimeter of the lake, creating a roughly five-mile-long path.

On top of being an extended workout, the trail also offers a view of the evergreen forests surrounding the lake. Public parking is available at the beginning of the trail, at the south end of the lake. If you don't want to skate around the lake, snowshoeing across it is always an option!

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All these locations are great potential spots for anyone going ice skating in Alaska. Just remember: no matter where you go, be sure to bundle up and always practice ice skating safety.

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