What Does the Job Market/Career Opportunities Look Like in Alaska?

Job Outlook in Alaska: Learn More About Career OpportunitiesExperts predict the job-market trend in Alaska is going to be positively changing in the coming months. This economic forecast for the state is great news for residents who have called the Last Frontier home for decades, and it's a motivating factor for those who may be interested in relocating to the beautiful wilds of Alaska.

The Economic Forecast for Alaska

Economic experts predict the state will enjoy an economic comeback in 2019. It is anticipated there will be .4 percent job growth throughout the year. This is positive news for the state.

What to Expect From the Alaskan Job Market

In Alaska, oil and gas have long been the most prominent industries. The oil and gas industries are expected to begin growing once more. As these industries come back, job opportunities will return as well.

One industry expected to grow significantly in Alaska is the tourism industry. Alaskan cruises are becoming more popular by the year, bringing in an influx of tourists who are going to spend money in the ports docking the state's coastline. The tourism industry is particularly beneficial for the southeastern portion of the state, which is where the majority of the cruise ports are located.

Career Opportunities to Consider in Alaska

Those who are looking to relocate to Alaska and begin a career may be interested in the following fields:

  • Health Care Jobs—The medical and dental fields are expected to continue to grow in Alaska. Two of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the state include medical assistants and dental assistants.
  • Travel Industry Jobs—As the tourism industry begins to grow and thrive in the state, many local residents will find they can work on a cruise ship or in one of the port towns. There may be opportunities for local travel agents as well.
  • Small Business Opportunities—As the local economy begins to make its comeback, entrepreneurs in Alaska will have the opportunity to become small business owners. Local restaurants, coffee shops and breweries are particularly successful in Alaskan cities.

There's plenty to look forward to in the coming years in Alaska. Not only is the economy expected to grow and prosper, but experts also anticipate the real estate market will thrive. Those who are looking to upgrade their home in Alaska or purchase property in the state will have plenty of opportunities in the months and years ahead.

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