Looking for Alaska’s Best Pizza?

The Best Pizza Parlors in Anchorage, AlaskaThere's always an excuse to grab a delicious slice of pizza in Anchorage. Whether it's one of those never-ending summer days when the sun isn't going to set, or it's in the heart of winter when darkness has settled on the city, pizza is truly the perfect meal for any occasion. These are the best pizza parlors in Anchorage AK:

Moose's Tooth

Open for both lunch and dinner, Moose's Tooth provides Anchorage natives and those who are traveling through the city with a cozy place to get great beer and delicious pizza. Its extensive menu features an endless array of pizza options, ranging from 10 chicken pizzas to 9 different vegetable pizzas and more than 15 meat pizzas. There's even one seafood pizza for those who need the meat of the sea on top of their favorite pie. Of course, if none of those menu options appeal to diners, they can even create their own pizza. This restaurant proudly serves Broken Tooth beer, which perfectly complements its pizzas.

No matter how busy the place becomes, people keep coming back for more – and that’s because of the food. It almost doesn’t matter what you order. It could be pizza, salad, or just an order of diablo breadsticks (smothered in cheddar and pepper jack with a chipotle sauce) – you’ll be hooked. Even better, this is the kind of place that caters to vegetarians with a smile, as you’ll quickly see from the array of veggie pizzas on the menu.

Pizza Man

Pizza Man is a classic, family-friendly pizza parlor that appeals to people of all ages in Anchorage. Beyond the traditional pizza pies that people have become accustomed to over the years, Pizza Man also features many specialty pizzas on its menu. For instance, diners could grab a Spice Hot pizza, which is topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, hot sausage and jalapeno peppers. In addition to offering a diverse pizza menu, Pizza Man also boasts 37 different beers on top.

Marco T's Pizzeria

Hailed as Alaska's most authentic Italian pizza joint, Marco T's Pizzeria provides those in this frozen tundra with a taste of the old country across the world. Its menu includes simple favorites, such as the Marco T Pizza that features olive oil and tomato sauce as well as fresh mozzarella and basil. In addition, there's more eclectic pizzas, such as the Alaskan, which has an olive oil base and is topped with reindeer sausage, onions, sweet peppers and shredded mozzarella. For years, this pizza parlor has been a favorite among the locals.

Fat Ptarmigan

Fine dining meets pizzeria at Fat Ptarmigan, which is located in the quaint and historic downtown area of Anchorage. Fat Ptarmigan is a wood-fired pizzeria that has become famous for its homemade mozzarella. While there is a create-your-own menu option, there are also plenty of unique pizzas on the menu that diners love to try. For example, the Beer Cheese pizza features a beer cheese sauce and is topped with reindeer sausage, red peppers and onions. Those who are allergic to gluten will appreciate that there are several gluten-free pizzas on the menu as well.

Uncle Joe's Pizzeria

Since 1993, Uncle Joe's Pizzeria has been serving up pizza lovers in Anchorage with the best pizza pies in the city as well as flavorful craft beers from local breweries. From traditional pizzas to contemporary creations, every pizza at this pizzeria is hand-made and then stone-baked to perfection. The people who frequent here particularly love the fact that the toppings are generous, and often appear to be piled high on top of the pizza pie. This is a casual, comfortable location for people of all ages.

From wood-fired creations that resemble fine Italian art to classic pizza pies that pair perfectly with a cold brew, there's a pizza in Anchorage that will appeal to anyone. For more information on the best places to eat in Anchorage, contact an experienced real estate agent today.

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