Make the playroom parent-friendly

Playrooms may be the star attraction for your kids, but they’re usually not terribly enticing for their parents. Even when they’re not messy, they can feel overwhelming cute. And it can be difficult for grownups to enjoy watching their children at play when everything feels too small.

Here are a few ways you can get around those challenges and decorate your playroom so everyone can enjoy being there.

Everyone needs a place to sit – If the playroom only has tiny wooden chairs, you’re not going to want to spend time reading while your child makes you a plate of plastic food. Make sure there’s enough room for everyone in the family to take a seat and make it a comfortable one.

Bring storage down, way down – You can hide seasonal décor on the higher shelves in the back of the closet if you like, but make sure day-to-day storage stays at kid level. This will make it much easier for everyone to contribute to a clean playroom. And, yes, more storage than you think you need is a bonus.

Themes don’t need to be literal (even if they’re literary) – You can have a room fit for a princess without pouring pink in every corner of the room. And, there’s more to cars than flashy red car pieces. Look at the story behind every theme and buy décor that suits the story, not just the latest branding.

Work the corners so the middle is clear for play – Don’t try to fill your playroom, or place activity tables in the middle of the space. Kids need plenty of room to play. They’ll drag things to any corner that’s clear in order to create. If it’s too far from the storage spaces, you can expect the room to feel cluttered and untidy (and not very fun for the little ones either).

Getting your kids involved with the design and décor of their playroom will give you some ideas as to what they need and enjoy. But, remember, if you create a space that works for everyone, it will get more use. 

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