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We've been hard at work here on, implementing changes to our Map Search that will make finding your dream home easier than ever. Allow us to take this opportunity to share some of the awesome enhancements we've made for you:

1. Pricing Info Tags - We're making it faster and easier than ever for you to explore neighborhoods, with the addition of pricing info. Now, when you use our Map Search, the location pins will automatically display the listing price, allowing you to quickly find homes in your favorite neighborhoods, within your price range.

Best of all, these price pins are color-coded, allowing you to quickly identify properties that match your criteria. (Don't forget to use the Refine Search options on the side to narrow by general price, city, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and much more!)

2. Fade On Previewed Listings - As you explore the map, properties that have already been viewed will "fade", allowing you to quickly identify (and skip) the listings you've already viewed.

Remember that you can always save a property to your favorites! Just click the star icon on the property listing's page.

3. Easier Price Range Searches - We've moved the price range to the top of every search panel, making it easier than ever for you to narrow your results to real estate that falls within your budget!

We're always working to improve this website, working directly with a top team of programmers and designers on an ongoing basis. This is just one of the many commitments we've made to improving your' real estate buying and selling experiences. We'd love to take the opportunity to tell you more about what we can do for you, and always welcome your questions at (907) 360-1600.

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