Mold Remediation For Homeowners

All About Mold Remediation for HomeownersMold can be a serious problem for homeowners. A homeowner who identifies mold in their home must determine the cause of the mold, eliminate its source and then clean up the mold itself. If mold is not properly remediated, the homeowner could be putting themselves and members of their household in danger. These tips can help North Pole homeowners take care of their property and eliminate mold.

Identifying Mold

Mold can be found growing on walls, floors and even on furniture. It often grows in round patches that form a cluster, typically in rooms that have too much moisture. Mold can be many colors, depending on the type. Common mold colors include black, yellow, brown and gray. Often, mold has a musty odor. Mold is often found growing in bathrooms, kitchens, near doors and windows, under roof leaks and in basements.

Common Places Mold Forms in the Home

Mold can form nearly anywhere in the home where favorable humidity levels exist. Water leaking into the living space can also cause mold to grow in obvious and hidden areas. When looking for mold growth in the living space, homeowners should keep an eye on the basement, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.

When checking out the basement, homeowners may find mold growth around the windows, vents, pipes and sump pump, if installed. They can also look for areas where the foundation may be leaking or failing to spot and remedy mold growth. When checking for mold growth in the kitchen and bathrooms, they should focus on areas with nearby water lines, such as under the sinks and near the bathtub or shower.

When used regularly, the laundry room can develop high humidity levels that allow for rapid mold growth. If washing machine gaskets allow undetected leaks, the mold problem can increase dramatically. In these conditions, mold can grow in the usual locations near the windows and pipes, but also on the floors and walls with time.

Health Effects of Mold

People react to mold differently depending on their immune function and sensitivity level. Often, mold will cause asthma attacks, difficulty breathing and tightness in the chest. Mold has been linked to coughing, throat irritation and respiratory illness. Overall, mold in the home can dramatically reduce quality of life and may even pose a serious threat to people who live in its midst.

Mold Remediation Information

After identifying mold in the home, remediation is a step-by-step process.

Identify the Cause

Mold does not usually grow in a home unless there is a moisture problem. This might come from a plumbing leak, roof leak or even condensation in the room. Before the mold itself can be removed, its source must be identified and eliminated, or the mold will simply grow back.

If there is a leak, it must be repaired. If the room is simply too humid, the homeowner may need to purchase a dehumidifier. Often, the home's HVAC system will help dehumidify the room. If this system is broken, repairing it may help.

Modern homes have a very tight building envelope and are especially prone to indoor moisture problems. Homeowners who live in a modern home with humidity issues can talk to a contractor to devise a system for managing these issues safely.

Eliminate the Mold

To eliminate a patch of mold that is growing on the walls of the home, the homeowner must first consider the size of the mold. A small patch of less than three feet by three feet can often be eliminated without help from an expert. To eliminate mold, the homeowner must scrub the walls or floors with a scrub brush and warm soapy water, then allow the patch to dry.

If the patch cannot be eliminated, the flooring or wall material may need to be replaced. This is common with dry wall, which is absorbent. Mold that lives inside the pores of the walls can often not be completely removed. To eliminate the mold, the homeowner must cut out the patch of wall and replace it.

Contact an Expert

For a patch of mold that is larger than three feet by three feet, a mold remediation expert must be contacted. Working with an expert can help ensure that the home is properly repaired and is mold free.

Effect on Property Value

Mold can have a detrimental effect on property value if it is not properly remediated. However, mold that is managed and removed by a mold remediation expert should not negatively effect a home's value. To find out more about how you can protect your home from mold, or to get started with mold remediation, contact an expert today.

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