Home Siding Information for Homeowners

Types of Siding For Your HomeThe type of siding a homeowner chooses for their property depends on their preference, budget and ability to perform maintenance. Some types of home siding require more maintenance than others, and there's a lot of variability in the appearance of the different types of siding. Homeowners must choose the type of siding that works best for their budget and that matches their aesthetic preferences. Knowing the differences between the various types of siding can help homeowners decide for themselves which type of siding is right for them and their Big Lake home.

Vinyl Siding

For decades, vinyl siding has been one of the most common home siding options on homes in the United States. Vinyl siding is popular because of its durability, beauty, longevity, affordability and flexibility. It's actually one of th e least expensive types of home siding, so it's very popular among homeowners on a budget. Homeowners like that vinyl siding comes in a range of colors. It's relatively fade proof, and it never needs to be painted.

Vinyl siding requires little maintenance. Dirt can easily be removed from with a scrub brush and a mild detergent. Unless the siding becomes damaged, vinyl siding needs very little attention beyond the regular cleanings.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer is one of the more expensive types of siding available. However, this type of siding has the advantage of lasting for the life of the house, if it's properly installed. Brick veneer is easy to install incorrectly. It's water penetrable, which means that the walls of the house must be properly protected by a tight building envelope, and if it is not, the house will have mold issues. Weep holes inside the brick veneer make it possible for water to flow out of the walls after penetrating the veneer.

Many homeowners are attracted to brick veneer because they like the way that the veneer mimics the appearance of traditional brick. Brick veneer is a common material used on homes of a traditional style.

Wood Siding

Some homeowners are attracted to wood siding because its traditional in appearance and also natural. Wood siding has classic beauty that can be found on homes that are hundreds of years old. Unfortunately, wood siding also takes a lot of maintenance. Homeowners who want to install wood siding on their home should be prepared to repaint or stain their siding on a regular basis. Without this type of maintenance, wood siding can rot or may be vulnerable to pests.

Metal Siding

Steel siding is durable and long-lasting, and has the same appearance as vinyl and wood siding. Some homeowners have been known to choose metal siding because it is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Homeowners who want to make an eco-friendly choice but who don't want the maintenance of wood siding can achieve this effect by installing metal siding. Metal siding is a lot less susceptible to cracking than vinyl siding.

How to Make Your Choice

Homeowners who aren't sure which type of siding is right for them can benefit from help from a licensed contractor. Talking to a home building expert can help the homeowner to sort through the options and decide on the right type of siding for them.

If you're a homeowner who is thinking about performing a few home improvement projects, or if you want to build a home and aren't sure what type of siding is right for you, contact a licensed professional today.

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