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How to Sell a Home with Previous Damage When buyers make an offer and have a home inspected, it will probably be made clear to them that a home has had a history of damage from water, fire and other sources. If you have had to deal with such problems in your home, here are some tips to ensure the appropriate tasks have been done before selling.

Complete Recommended Repairs

People who involve a homeowner’s insurance company when damage occurs usually have a very detailed estimate of the damage and recommended repairs. The best thing you can do for a future sale is to ensure that every item was completed according to specifications. In some cases, this means shelling out more money than the insurance company paid to repair or replace some items within the home. However, being diligent

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Making Sure Home is Up to Code Over the last several decades, the increasing use of residential building permits and inspection processes has helped to improve the quality of all types of residential housing, including single family homes, condos, and multi family units. 

Used primarily in incorporated urban and municipal areas, mandatory building inspections and permits help to ensure that initial construction processes, renovations, and repairs all meet a basic standard for safety and quality. In addition, because the permit applications and inspections are considered public record, they provide historical data that can be helpful to future home owners, real estate professionals, and those involved locally in making planning and zoning decisions for their city or town. 

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Improving Your Home's Appearance Your home’s exterior plays an important role in the sale of your home. Making exterior improvements can boost your home’s curb appeal and draw attention from buyers even before they walk in your front door.

A good first impression can lead to larger offers and a faster sale - here are some common ways sellers can get the attention of prospective buyers.

Repaint or Install New Siding

Repaint or install new siding to give your home’s exterior a fresh, clean appearance. This is especially helpful if your home is starting to look a bit run down from the outside. Remember that, on average, siding replacement has an expected ROI of between 70 and 80 percent, so you should be able to recoup a lot of your costs at the time of sale.

When choosing a

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Home Gardening and Landscaping Tips Your home's landscaping is one of the first things that home buyers will see when they come to look at your property.

If you're planning to sell your home this spring, one of the best ways to attract positive attention to your property is by dressing up your landscaping. Colorful flowers, tidy gardens and convenient pathways can all "wow" buyers at showings.

Make It Colorful

Colorful flowers will draw attention to your property, making your home seem more inviting and attractive to buyers. Standard annuals like impatiens, marigolds, begonias, petunias and zinnias tend to produce lots of blooms very quickly, requiring little or no fertilizing. Best of all, annuals are available in massive quantities in garden centers at the start of the spring,

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Current Staging Tips When you stage your home, you want it to appear both timeless and current. This requires you to pay some attention to the latest home design trends, so that your home does not feel like it is ten years outdated.

With these tips about colors, upgrades and placement, you can target your staging budget to present a current and unified look.

1. Shades of Neutral

Few things brighten up a space more quickly or cheaply than a fresh coat of paint. While many experts still urge you to go for white as the ultimate neutral, there are sometimes reasons to consider something else. For the past few years, shades of gray have taken the stage as the preferred color in walls, flooring and accents. Even colors like taupe and beige are making a big comeback, and

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Home Selling First Impression Next to location, curb appeal is generally one of the most significant issues when selling a home. Buyers want a place that looks nice, well-kept, and "like home" to them.

Because that feeling or look of home may be different to every buyer, the best option for a seller is to make sure the house looks pleasant and neutral. With that in mind, here are six ways a seller can improve curb appeal.

1. Neutral Paint on the Home's Exterior

Re-painting the outside of a home can be costly, but can go a very long way toward curb appeal. If repainting the exterior is not realistic, focusing on the front door, trim, and porch area may also add value. Any peeling, old, or faded paint can detract from the curb appeal of the house, as can unusually bright or

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Making Home For Sale Appealing in Winter Seasonal weather - especially the wintry type experienced in areas where the temperatures get very cold, snow falls all too often, and the daylight hours are short - can have a real downer effect on the buyer interest levels needed for homeowners to get their homes sold.

While the milder temperatures and longer days of spring, summer, and fall can offer some real benefits for selling a home, it isn't always possible for sellers to wait for this more optimal weather before listing their home for sale. Luckily, buyers are searching for homes in every season.

If you are one of the many sellers who must brave the winter season every year in hopes of finding the perfect buyer, taking time to add welcome warmth and appeal can help you maximize every

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Helping Parents Downsize Being an adult is not always easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult, especially when you find yourself tasked with doing something that is both emotionally and physically demanding, such as helping aging parents sell the family home where they may have lived for several years or decades.

And this task can be even more difficult in cases where parents have special considerations that narrow their viable housing options. If you have been given the task of helping your parents sell their home and downsize or move into a new home, assisted living, or a nursing home, these tips can help you make the process more streamlined and less stressful for both you and your parents. 

Determine the End Goal Before Beginning 

If your parents have lived in

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When do you pay Capital Gains on a Home Sale A capital gains tax is applicable whenever someone sells an asset for a profit. The most common instances of capital gains come from the sale of property, stocks, precious metals and bonds. If you are ready to put your home on the market, you should know about the capital gains tax, if it will apply to you, and if so, ideas as to how to reduce the tax burden.

Though briefly explained here, it is always recommend to speak to a tax advisor or specialist regarding your specific financial and tax situation regarding a potential or actual home sale.

The Basics

When selling a personal residence, most homeowners can exclude up to $250,000 of any profits -- or capital gains -- from taxes. If you file your taxes jointly with a spouse, the exclusion

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Demystifying the real estate purchase and sale process is something we here at Unity Home Group® take seriously, so here’s part two of our definitions for some of the most commonly used real estate terms. You’ll find part one here.

FHA mortgage – The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), guarantees home loans, making it easier for those with less-than-perfect credit to obtain a mortgage.

Jumbo mortgage – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announces what is known as the “conforming loan” limits every year. Loans that exceed this amount are jumbo loans.

Loan-to-Value –  Known as LTV, for short, loan-to-value refers to the ratio of the loan to the value of the home.

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