3 Best Skiing Destinations in Alaska

3 Great Places to Go Skiing in Alaska in 2019There is no winter sport quite as iconic as skiing. When that cold weather hits and it's time to suit up, why not head to Alaska to appreciate some of the best skiing slopes the country has to offer? Here are some must-see skiing slopes to visit in Alaska.

Portage Lake & Glacier

Location: Portage Glacier, AK

Portage Lake and Glacier offers a host of winter sports, from skiing to ice skating and more. For ski aficionados, this location makes a great spot with its Trail of Blue Ice, a five-mile classic skiing path near the glacier. Ski tours are also available, starting at Hotel Alyeska resort or at the trailhead on Lake Portage 55.

If skiing the trail, be sure to avoid Williwaw Campground and Five Fingers areas during potential avalanche hazard conditions.


Location: Anchorage, AK

Girdwood makes another picturesque location to go skiing when you make a trip to Alaska. The Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is well-known for its downhill ski slopes, with plenty of varying difficulties for beginners and experts alike. Heavy snow makes for ideal skiing conditions, and steep slopes create a thrill pro skiers won't soon forget.

Arctic Valley

Address: Arctic Valley Ski Area, Arctic Valley Rd, Eagle River, AK 99577

The Arctic Valley Ski Area is a ski resort outside Anchorage in Chugach State Park. Formerly known as Alpenglow, this skiing destination features skiing areas for tele-skiers, alpine skiers, and more. Their lifts make for easy transport up and down the mountain, while their variety of slopes provide the perfect spot to teach children how to ski in a safe environment. Avid skiers can join the ski club, which operates out of the resort.

Visit These Must-See Skiing Locations in Alaska

There's no place quite like Alaska to enjoy skiing in the winter months. For any winter sports aficionados who love to explore the outdoors, look no further than the vast array of skiing slopes available around Alaska for your enjoyment.

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