3 Tips for a Cleaner, More Productive Home Office

How to Organize Your Home Office SpaceWorking from home, especially if you don't see clients in your home office, means being able to make as big of a mess as you want and no-one is the wiser. Close the door at the end of the day and all is forgotten. But, the clutter adds up and can eat away at your productivity.

According to a study by HLW International, folks that work in a clean office were 5 percent more productive than those that worked in a dirty environment. Let's see what we can do to get your office clean and uncluttered and your productivity humming.

Keep The Cleaning Supplies Handy

It's too easy to put off routine tidying up when you have to leave the room to gather cleaning supplies and tools, so keep a stock of what you need right in your office. Fill a bin or box with rags for dusting, paper towels, glass cleaner and furniture polish.

Get Into The Routine

Make a plan to clean your Anchorage office once a week. Friday is the day we set aside for the task so that when we start work on Monday we have a clean slate. Wipe down your office equipment such as your computer and printer and then dust the entire room. Vacuum if you have carpet; if not, wash the floors. When you've completely cleaned your office for several weeks it will become routine. That fresh start each week is incentive enough to keep it up.

Do A Super Clean

Plan on doing a super clean and purge once a month, plan on doing a super clean and purge. Get rid of clutter by going through stacks of paperwork, folders that are lying around, mail and old office supplies. Get rid of anything that you don't use or need and find a place to keep what you do.

How To Organize Your Home Office For Efficiency

Clean and tidy is the first step, getting your clutter under control is the second. Try these organization tips so everything you need to be productive is right where you need it: 

  • Designated Spaces. Blurring the lines between home and work can make organization impossible. Keep personal items, kids toys, and other non-work items out of the home office.
  • Digital Storage. Inexpensive paper scanners are easy to find so there's no reason to have huge stacks of paper files in the office. Go digital and instantly reduce your clutter and workload as sorting and organizing documents will be a snap.
  • Use Zones. By breaking your home office into zones, organizing by task will be more intuitive. For example, if you do creative work, you may want your computer area to be free from distractions while maintaining a digital-free zone where you can brainstorm and doodle on paper--and keep a few bits of decor for inspiration. If you meet with clients, a cozy corner with comfortable chairs is a must--and this space can also double as a time-out area where you can refresh and recharge during the day.

Formulating a routine to keep your home office clean and organized will go a long way toward making you more comfortable as well as productive.

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