Time for a Bookshelf Makeover!

How to Organize Your BookshelvesYou may turn to your tablet for a good read rather than heading to a bookstore to browse new titles – or perhaps you're just the opposite. Either way, there's no reason for your bookshelves to appear drab and unloved. Bookshelf makeovers don't require a lot of DIY experience and have the power to transform just about any room in your home.

Take a Look Behind the Books

Bookshelves with plain (rather than open) backs offer the perfect opportunity for a revamp. And, the options are both limitless and bespoke. All you need is some wallpaper, fabric, or a small can of paint. Simply decorate the space behind the books for a fresh or classic feeling. And, you hardly need to limit yourself to one color or pattern. This is a chance to go wild.

Paint the Frames

Older bookshelves that seem to have seen as many wars and years as the stories they hold just need a bit of TLC to look and feel new. A basic coat of paint works wonders for cheap shelving, and new varnish is just the cure for vintage wood shelves.

Shed Some Light

If you have stacks and volumes of books crammed onto your shelves, a little bit of light can transform them into a centerpiece. LED strip lighting affixed to the top of each shelf is an affordable option – or you could always wire feature lights into place.

Declutter or Group Items on Shelves

Some bookshelves appear to be way too full and cluttered – even if they hold more than reading materials. Weed out anything that doesn't belong and then create vignettes or small groups of items. Your shelves won't just appear neater; they'll draw visitors into your space.

Creative Additions to Add to a Bookshelf

When you add creative elements to your bookshelves, you establish a personalized theme to your décor. From woven baskets to small houseplants, you can use any décor items imaginable to dress up your bookshelf. The decorative items can tie in your book collection or simply reflect the things you hold close.

To easily decorate your bookshelf, simply find three to five items that beautifully complement or contrast each other. You can use items given to you as gifts or search thrift stores for unique finds. Arrange the items on a full shelf or across several small sections to personalize and beautify the space. You can also make items, such as ceramics and pottery, to put on display. As you practice your craft, you can replace the knickknacks with new variations and give away the old ones to everyone around you.

Always look for ways to combine elements and update the creative additions to your bookshelf. Your efforts will allow you to maintain your bookshelf as the focal point of your room, no matter what other changes you make to your décor.

If you really can't control the clutter or don't have the patience to wallpaper your shelves, consider adding doors to the front of your shelves. Sure, they'll be cupboards rather than bookshelves, but it could be the makeover your space needs.

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