Tips for Planning an Outdoor Recreational Space

Tips to Construct a Better Outdoor Living Space

A well-planned outdoor space can be a source of enjoyment for many years. Multi-functional spaces can allow homeowners a place to relax, dine al fresco or entertain. With the many options available, those looking to create an outdoor space need to have a clear idea of how the space will be used and how to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Functional Spaces

Homeowners need to get an idea of how the space will need to function. Children may need a space to play and adults may want an area to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Homeowners need to consider:

  • Their lifestyle; and
  • How they want to use the outdoor space.

It is possible for a space to meet multiple objectives with careful planning and design. Build a cozy retreat, an entertainment patio or a children's playground. An Eagle River homeowner's budget is also important when planning a space. Know that many materials can be recycled or upcycled in order to decrease costs to build an outdoor space on a budget.

Limitations and Restrictions

There will be opportunities and limitations that come along with any piece of property. Write a list of what needs to be removed and what elements that are currently there that may be incorporated within a design plan. Get an idea of what will need to be done in the case of situations such as that of a sloping yard. Reduce maintenance and support the local ecology by using native plants in any landscaping. Those living close to areas rich with wildlife may need to take that into account when thinking about useful plants and possible fencing for a specific space.

In addition, understand the regulations and restrictions in an area. Fencing above a certain height may require a special permit. Understand the specific regulations as they may apply in HOA communities or a city. Fines may be given to those who do not meet necessary requirements in a community.

Features to Install in Your New Outdoor Living Space

Before homeowners decide that they need another antique table or tchotchke for the mantle, they may want to consider the outdoor space of the home instead. Going outside and getting fresh air is not only good for the body, it can also help a person reconnect with the natural beauty around them. No matter where a home is located, there are ways to construct an outdoor space that can help supply that beauty if it's not exactly readily apparent.

Add a Little Life

Plants aren't just a good way to get more color into an outdoor space, they're also excellent for improving the quality of the surrounding air. Landscaping projects such as potted plants, flowers, and even small trees will give homeowners a reason to go outside and connect with the soil under their feet. This activity is as therapeutic as it is effective at increasing the resale value of the home.

Homeowners can also use this tip to camouflage a deck or a patio so it blends into the rest of the landscape, or to establish traffic patterns for parties or just general outdoor use.

Design a Place to Eat

Instead of sitting in a dining or living room with treated air, preparing a table outside can be just what a family needs to shake things up. To keep pests away, place the table as far away from the most colorful blooms in the yard, and then use netting or scented candles to keep bugs of all kinds away from the party. For those on a budget, consider investing in elaborate table settings and decorations as opposed to buying the best in patio furniture.

Choose a Cooking Space

Most people think of a small fridge, designer grill, and a food-prep countertop as a bit of an extravagance, but these outdoor extras can be the difference between a summer spent indoors and a summer filled with parties and fun. These types of intangible memories are the essence of what makes owning a home so special. Designating a cooking space outdoors is a gentle reminder to get out and enjoy life.

Shop for Furniture

Whether patio furniture needs to withstand full-blown tornadoes or a scorching sun during the season, it's important to pick items that are durable. Look for new or used cast iron or aluminum furniture that can handle itself in the midst of extreme weather. Choose waterproof fabrics instead of water-resistant fabrics. The latter category will not be able to repel water that has managed to pool on the top of the fabric.

Extra Considerations

Soldotna homeowners who spring for a fire pit, water fountain, or spa usually don't end up regretting it. An outdoor space needs to call inhabitants to relax, and the extra attention can really add value to a person's experience. The contrast of fire and water especially can really draw people into the space, and it can encourage everyone to use the area all-year round. Imagine being curled up with a blanket and a book on a cool fall afternoon while water trickles in the background.

An outdoor space should be as comfortable as the interior of the home, and these tips can make it easier to strike the right balance. While none of these options are strictly necessary for survival, they put the emphasis on the simple joys of being a homeowner. From simple barbeques to elaborate pool parties, there's so much to love about being outdoors.

Fewer Headaches and Expenses

Homeowners and landlords have plenty of options when constructing an outdoor space. It can often be easier to execute the design in stages and perform certain activities, such as installing a gas hookup for an outdoor kitchen when the ground is dug up to redo the patio. This can reduce expenses for homeowners looking to create a functional and attractive outdoor space.

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