What Are People Looking for in Home Security Systems?

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Home Security Systems for Home OwnersFinding the right home security system may be one of the most important tasks for a new homeowner, as home security systems can mean the difference between a safe, secured home and a disaster in which one's belongings are stolen or destroyed. It is critical that they do their best to keep their loved ones safe from any possible harm, as well as keeping their valuables out of the hands of criminals. Many home security systems provide these essential services and so much more, and a home security system should be considered when purchasing a new home.

Diligent and customer service-oriented home security companies that listen to customers' feedback and request have something to offer homeowners, no matter what they are looking for.

What Types of Home Security Systems Are People Looking For?

People who have never shopped for home security systems before may wonder just what they need. It may help to look over some of the most common things people are looking for in home security systems.

There are four different types of home security systems from which homeowners can choose.

1. A Monitored System

The monitored system is among the most commonly used home security and alarm systems. Customers may be somewhat familiar with this type of system, which sounds an alarm and alerts the home security company's call center, which in turn contacts the police when sensor points are triggered. This response is automatic, which is a great benefit when an intruder breaches a home.

The only problem with this type of system is that it is directly tied to telephone lines, which are located outside the home. Career criminals know to look for these lines and cut them before attempting to break in. With a break in the phone lines, the call center would never receive notification, leaving the homeowner vulnerable to the intruder. Another issue with this type of home security system is the lag between the call center notification time and the time it takes for them to alert the police and for police to arrive.

This type of home security system is probably the most expensive and fairly high-maintenance, but it is worth it if the homeowner can afford it.

2. An Unmonitored System

Homeowners who explore unmonitored home security systems find that these feature a loud alarm system, but they do not go further to alert the customer service call center. The alarm—including sound and flashing lights, depending on the company—lets the homeowners and neighbors know there has been a break-in, relying on them to call the police. The extremely loud sirens often scare off the home intruder before anyone has the chance to call the police. This lack of monitoring makes the system far more budget-friendly and helps neighbors forge a sense of community and looking out for one another.

3. A Wireless System

A wireless system basically puts home security into the homeowner's hands. Wireless systems are simple to install, reasonably priced and easily modified—making it a popular tech choice for sellers and buyers alike. Since there are no monitoring fees, customers can save a great deal with wireless systems, which gives them the freedom to choose their favorite features like cameras, sensors, beams and motion detectors. The main issue homeowners face with this type of system is that they are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the system. They will need to regularly check and change the batteries, for instance.

4. Electric Current Home Alarm

This currently common type of security system is often used in homes with small children since it is sensitive to unauthorized doors opening and closing. The main problem with this type of home security system is that there is sometimes an interruption in monitoring due to other outside electrical currents interfering with the homeowner's line.

Homeowners Can Choose from These and Other Types of Home Security Systems

There are multiple different types of home security systems, which makes them versatile and adaptable to the needs of each individual homeowner. Homeowners may talk to their construction team or local home security service representatives to learn what the best home security system may be for their home and their unique needs. Ultimately, the homeowner may choose one of the plans above for their Wasilla home, or they may combine two or more to create their own ideal home security plan.

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