What Are People Looking for in Home Security Systems?

Home Security SystemsFinding the right home security system may be one of the most important tasks for a new homeowner, as home security alarm systems can mean the difference between a safe, secured home and a disaster in which one's belongings are stolen or destroyed. It is critical that they do their best to keep their loved ones safe from any possible harm, as well as keeping their valuables out of the hands of criminals. Many security systems for homes provide these essential services and so much more (such as lower insurance rates!), and a home security system should be considered when purchasing a new home.

Diligent and customer service-oriented home security companies that listen to customers' feedback and request have something to offer homeowners, no matter what they are looking for.

Protecting Your Alaska Home

When it comes to protecting an Alaska home, there are additional steps homeowners can make on top of the installation of a home security system. Consider the following options to protect your Anchorage home.

Protecting Your Home While At Work Or Shopping

Even if you are not leaving town, there are still many instances when you are away from your home for extended periods. Many criminals will actually wait until you leave for work or have gone out shopping to break into your house. Although the duration may be shorter, you can still apply many of the out of town tips to this situation as well.

Lock Up, Day & Night

This may seem obvious, but it's estimated that more than 40% of home invasions occur without any force. That means people are leaving windows and doors unlocked. In addition, most burglaries actually occur in the daytime, while people are at work. Don't assume your home is safe just because the sun is shining!

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

We understand wanting to show off decorations in a home, but all those shiny trinkets look very attractive to potential thieves, as well! Ensure you keep valuables out of plan sight, and consider locking the most valuable items in an alternate hiding space. Buying a gun safe can also be a good idea to help secure firearms as well as small items of value. Consider your trash, too; don't leave boxes for fancy electronics or other valuable items so that scouting burglars can see them.

Don’t Give Them The Key!

Although it should probably go without saying, don’t hide your spare key in an obvious spot. Home burglars are very good at finding hidden keys. Spare keys should also not be hidden in an area where someone can watch you access it. If a robber is scouting out a neighborhood and sees you reach down under a rock, chances are they will be paying you a visit later. We suggest leaving your spare key with a trusted neighbor.

Open Your Heart, Not Your Home

In the event that you get unsolicited visitors, do not greet them with the door wide open.  Go outside to talk with them. It may seem like a bit of pain, but many burglars will “mistakenly” knock on your door or pretend to be a caroler in order to scout out your security system and gather intel. By talking with them outside of your home, you can prevent them from gathering the clues they need to break into your home.

Out Of Town Burglary Prevention Tips

Heading out of town? Follow these burglary prevention tips to reduce the chance of coming home to a break in.

Get A House Sitter

If you are going to be out of town, perhaps the most effective way to protect your home from burglars is to hire a house sitter. Having a trusted person stay in your house when you are away ensures that there is someone there to keep an eye on things and their activity will be noticed by would-be thieves.

Leave The Lights On

If you're unable to have someone house sit for you, it is a good idea to at least maintain the appearance that home is being lived in. Experienced thieves have become privy to noticing if certain lights are always on and may not be deterred. To ensure that this is not the case with you, draw your curtains and set up your lights, radio and TV on a timer. This will make it difficult for robbers to recognize when you aren't home and they will more than likely move on to an easier target. Motion sensor lights are another good idea that can deter thieves and alert neighbors to activity around your house.

Tell A Neighbor

The Anchorage Police Department recommends that before you head out of town, notify a trusted neighbor and the local police, so they can pay special attention to any activity at the house.

Don’t Advertise To Crooks

If you are going to be out of town, make sure that you arrange to have any deliveries (mail, newspapers, etc.) discontinued. Piled up mail and newspapers is essentially like taking out a full page ad welcoming thieves. It is also a good idea not leave expensive gift packaging outside for everyone to see. A large TV/computer box may look extra inviting to a burglar. Robbers will actually drive around casing neighborhoods, specifically looking for signs like these.

White Christmas Woes

For many of us, snow is a beautiful part of the Christmas season and adds to the holiday atmosphere. However, if you are going to be out of town during the winter, fresh untouched snow can be used as an indicator to thieves that no one is home. Burglars will often look for footprints or tire tracks leading to your home, as a way to identify empty homes. Before you leave, arrange for someone to clear your sidewalk and driveway if it snows. This will make the home appear to be occupied.

What Types of Home Security Systems Are People Looking For?

Protect Your Home With a Home Security SystemPeople who have never shopped for home security systems before may wonder just what they need or "how much is a home security system?" It may help to look over some of the most common things people are looking for in home security systems.

There are four different types of home security systems from which homeowners can choose.

A Monitored System

The monitored system is the most commonly used alarm system for homes. Customers may be somewhat familiar with this type of system, which sounds an alarm and alerts the home security company's call center, which in turn contacts the police when sensor points are triggered. This response is automatic, which is a great benefit when an intruder breaches a home or condominium.

The only problem with this type of system is that it is directly tied to telephone lines, which are located outside the home. Career criminals know to look for these lines and cut them before attempting to break in. With a break in the phone lines, the call center would never receive notification, leaving the homeowner vulnerable to the intruder. Another issue with this type of home security system is the lag between the call center notification time and the time it takes for them to alert the police and for police to arrive.

This type of home security system is probably the most expensive and fairly high-maintenance, but it is worth it if the homeowner can afford it.

An Unmonitored System

Homeowners who explore the best unmonitored home security systems find that these feature a loud alarm system, but they do not go further to alert the customer service call center. The alarm—including sound and flashing lights, depending on the company—lets the homeowners and neighbors know there has been a break-in, relying on them to call the police. The extremely loud sirens often scare off the home intruder before anyone has the chance to call the police. This lack of monitoring makes the system far more budget-friendly for new homes and helps neighbors forge a sense of community and looking out for one another.

A Wireless System

Wireless systems are do it yourself home security systems that basically put home security into the homeowner's hands. Wireless systems are simple to install, reasonably-priced and easily modified—making it a popular tech choice for sellers and buyers alike. Since there are no monitoring fees, customers can save a great deal with wireless systems, which gives them the freedom to choose their favorite features like security cameras, sensors, beams and motion detectors. The main issue homeowners face with this type of system is that they are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the system. They will need to regularly check and change the batteries, for instance.

Electric Current Home Alarm

Electric current home alarms are a common type of security system which is often used in homes with small children, since it is sensitive to unauthorized doors opening and closing. The main problem with this type of home security system is that there is sometimes an interruption in monitoring due to other outside electrical currents interfering with the homeowner's line.

Homeowners Can Choose from These and Other Types of Home Security Systems

There are multiple different types of home security systems, which makes them versatile and adaptable to the needs of each individual homeowner. Homeowners may talk to their construction team or local home security service representatives to learn what the best home security system is for their home and their unique needs. Ultimately, the homeowner may choose one of the plans above for their home, or they may combine two or more to create their own ideal home security plan.

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